Four Ways To Track Your Social Media Marketing

After you have sunk time and effort into promoting your brand you want to be able to take a step back and analyse how effective your social media campaign has been in terms of how your message has spread. You may have convinced your followers to spread your message for you, and you may have even put on special deals to entice customers to enter your store but now you need to see what sort of effect that has had for your business in the social media space.

Thankfully there is a wealth of free analytics tools out there for you to use and the Social Media Examiner has outlined a few choice ones that you can use to measure the impact that your campaign has had on your business. The first tool is called Google Alerts, and this tool allows you to put in a search term and have it e-mail you every time a new search result comes up. For example, if I put in social media, it will automatically e-mail me every time a social media article is posted to the web. You could put in your business name, and it would message you whenever your business was mentioned in a post.

Technorati is recommended as a blog search engine, which allows you to quickly and easily check other people’s blog posts in order to see how bloggers are reacting to your business. For example if you searched for social media, it comes up with a list of searches which displays every instance of the term social media as it appears in blogs. You could use this to discover what people really think of your company and you could use that as excellent unbiased feedback.

However, if you want to search more than blogs, you could try SocialMention. This is another search engine that gathers information from all over the internet so that you can find out what people are saying with relative ease. Using the search terms social media we find a comprehensive list of Twitter and Facebook posts, as well as a sidebar containing information about the top users, sources and the top keywords that have appeared in your search results.

If you are a Twitter user, chances are you’re using a desktop client. Tweetdeck is recommended as a way of looking at people’s Twitter feeds in order to see what they are thinking about. The tools available include a Twitter search engine, the ability to look at your followers tweets and a multipane view that lets you view many feeds at once. If you are going to use Twitter as part of your business, make sure you use a desktop client to take full advantage of the tools available.

For the full list of social media tools, check out the Social Media Examiner article. Do you use any of these tools? Let us know in the comments below.

  • Brian Wojcik

    Unless you’re tracking the effectiveness of your social media campaigns you can’t optimize the results. It’s hard even to justify the investment even if it’s only your time.