Rebecca Black’s New Song Goes Viral On YouTube

A few months back a music video began to surface on YouTube and TV which would attract more attention than almost any other. Rebecca Black’s song “Friday” was one of the most viewed videos on the site, gaining well over 150 million views. The young pop star’s song was famous to almost everyone for the same reason, it absolutely awful and now Miss Black has released a follow up, which our very own Debbie Turner confirmed would be uploaded on July 18th as promised. .

The new track is called “My Moment” and is just as viral as “Friday” with almost 1.1 million viewings since been uploaded to YouTube yesterday. Mashable reports that the debut of this new track is a push to cash in on Black’s popularity for being unpopular. The Friday song had a record amount of dislikes with well over 2 million people hitting the red button, only a small minority of thousands clicked the green like button.

It seems that Rebecca Black was very upset with her viral embarrassment as the official music video of Friday has disappeared from the site. Any old embedded versions of the song now show the viewer a message saying that the video has been removed due to a legal claim from Rebecca Black. Those who want to watch it can still find countless parodies and copied versions.

Despite the removal of the dreaded Friday music video, Rebecca Black has since created her own YouTube channel, seeming pretty happy with herself. She was very enthusiastic and excited about the release of her new video which you can see embedded below, asking viewers to subscribe. Black recently starred in Katy Perry’s new music video “Last Friday Night”, only as an actress but not as a singer. Is Katy trying to tell us something?

In general the reception to Rebecca’s new song has been more positive than that of her last, it actually references her previous song. “My Moment” admittedly is not pretty but it is by far not as cheesy and annoying as “Friday”. The most typical comment has been, “its not that bad, better than Friday”. The video has 67.5k likes and 108.5k dislikes so it seems that not everyone is still totally convinced that Rebecca can sing and has a bright future as a pop star. Despite her lack of support she has gained worldwide fame and recognition from the YouTube community and beyond. What is your thought on Rebbecca Black? Is she really trying to launch a successful music career or just taking advantage of her worldwide status?