Nokia Sea Ray Spot with Windows Phone Mango: Plus Video

It seems the world of smartphones is to welcome yet another new handset, step forward the Nokia Sea Ray. This smartphone has been leaked in a Chinese video and appears to be very similar in styling to the Nokia N9. However where the N9 is a phone that will run on MeeGo the Sea Ray prototype runs on Windows Phone Mango.

The video of the Sea Ray was brought to our attention by Dieter Bohn over on This is My Next, sourced from WPXAP and it’s thought this could well be genuine. Some capacitive buttons can be clearly seen in the video, which you can see below this story. There’s also a boot logo of the figure 7, a Windows reference, as well as a plastic flap on display, seemingly covering a micro USB charging port and a ‘q’ in the boot sequence, thought to signify Qualcomm. A custom casing, apparently being used to disguise the Sea Ray is first seen before the handset is revealed.

Over on SlashGear, Chris Davies likens the design of the Sea Ray to the Nokia N9 after observing the volume and camera operations to the side and capacitive back, start and search buttons beneath the display. Davies notes that a TI OMAP 3630 processor has been used for the Nokia N9 but that Qualcomm has an exclusive deal with Microsoft to supply chips for Windows Phone devices so this would seem more likely. There’s still no firm date for Windows Phone Mango devices although it is thought they will be on the market late in 2011.

The Sea Ray was revealed internally by Nokia CEO Stephen Elop last month and then ‘leaked’ but was never shown actually switched on and Sindre Lia over on InfoSync says that as well as a second-generation Snapdragon processor it’s likely that Carl Zeiss optics will be used. The Sea Ray shown in this new video uses an RTM build of Windows Phone Mango so it does look as though Nokia is on course for getting the new operating system released later this year. InfoSync also points out that a DigiTimes story last month told how industry sources said that orders for Nokia Windows Phone devices had been placed with Compal with shipments due in Q4.

Other handsets we’ve already detailed that should be running Windows Phone Mango are the HTC Eternity and also oddly enough a Windows version of the Samsung Galaxy S2, which has now been confirmed by Microsoft. We’d like to hear your thoughts on the Nokia Sea Ray so check out the video below and let us have your comments.