New MacBook Air Debut & Mac OS X Lion: Tomorrow July 20?

We’ve been bringing you stories about the new MacBook Air refresh for 2011 for some time and just yesterday suggested it as the ideal back to school laptop, or for just about any other use too. We’ve seen rumored release dates for the new Apple MacBook Airs and also the operating system Mac OS X Lion come and go but the latest news suggests a possible release tomorrow, Wednesday July 20.

Only a few days ago our Maddy Rowe gave us the latest speculation about the next suggested dates for the new Air and Mac OS X Lion and July 21 or 22 looked very likely. However the latest news about a potential debut tomorrow will probably keep a lot of you on the edge of your seats. Although of course none of this is yet confirmed as Apple is renowned for its secrecy, we still like to give you the latest information as we know how many of our readers are waiting for these Apple delights to arrive. Likely specs for the new MacBook Airs are Sandy Bridge processors, Thunderbolt technology, backlit keyboard, 128GB or 256GB SSD’s and 4GB of RAM, which would certainly please a lot of consumers.

Yesterday in our article about the MacBook Air as a back to school laptop (linked to in first para), we told how Apple Insider had now told of a rumored release date of July 20 and now we want to expand on that further. Neil Hughes of Apple Insider quotes people in the know with “proven track records” and one of those sources claimed a release date of both the new OS and also the refreshed MacBook Air as July 20 and even gave a time of 8:30 am ET. Although there’s no guarantee that the new Airs will come on the same day as Mac OS X Lion it’s a widely held belief that they will appear together and that the release of the Air was put back until it could be pre-installed with Lion.

Meanwhile a couple of other pointers are backing up this new July 20 release date. Over on MacRumors, Arnold Kim tells how the Golden Master copies of Mac OS X Lion were received yesterday at Apple retail stores. The hard drive installations of these final copies are for use with demo computers in stores. Over on 9to5Mac, Mark Gurman tells how Apple retail stores are holding an overnight for employees tonight (Tuesday) and also large tubes holding front-of-store posters and posters for inside are in place ready to be used.

Once again then it’s all looking very promising for a release tomorrow but we do remember saying that before so we must point out this is unconfirmed as yet. However Apple confirmed early on that Lion would be released in July and the end of July is getting closer so fingers crossed. Are you waiting for Mac OS X Lion or the new MacBook Air for 2011? Let us know with your comments.