LulzSec Reunite: Hacks Rupert Murdoch’s Sun Website & Fakes His Death

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch has been all over the news for the past 2 weeks over alleged mobile phone hacking. Now an old enemy is back to cause some trouble. Specialist hacking group LulzSec appear to have reunited and have attacked Murdoch’s Sun Newspaper website. Not only did the paper have their website intruded on, the intruders also redirected the site to a fake article which claims the boss had been found dead in his garden.

What makes the attack even more intriguing is that the hacktivist group disbanded last month and seem to have come back from the grave to haunt the News Corp CEO. It is not clear if LulzSec are back for good or this is a final one off, but they have claimed responsibility for the attack. Mashable reports that the group succeeded in directing The Sun’s website to their Twitter page, where the fake article was waiting.

LulzSec tweeted their plans in phases, the first message being: “We have owned Sun/News of the World, that story is simply phase 1, expect the lulz to flow in coming days.” That tweet was posted at 22:16pm on Monday 18th July with the next coming 15 minutes later claiming that something was indeed wrong with The Sun’s website after they had attacked it. A link to the site was also provided in the tweet.

The Rupert Murdoch death hoax actually resembles similar breaking news from earlier today, after a dead body from a man involved in the case was in fact found. Although the fake death story was intentional it was coincidence that whistle-blowing former News of the World journalist Sean Hoare was found dead, Tech Radar reports. It seems that LulzSec’s hoax may have been in bad taste, however investigators are not treating the death as suspicious.

We told you yesterday how fellow hacking group Anonymous had created their own social network called “AnonPlus” after being rejected membership from several sites, including Google Plus. LulzSec has been involved in high profile hacking including victims as big as the CIA and Sony. It was when members of their organization around the world started to get arrested that they decided to call it a day and shut down, are they back for good?

Some of the content from the hackers fake article claimed that 80 year old Murdoch had been found dead in the back of his garden. LulzSec made up a rather bizarre death for the media tyrant by writing that he “ingested a large quantity of palladium before stumbling into his famous topiary garden and then passed out”. The hacking firm then added insult to injury by posting phone numbers and personal details of Sun journalists on its Twitter feed. Should we expect more from LulzSec?