Huge Changes Coming To Google Services In Future

Google+ has only been out for a few weeks, but it has taken the social networking space by storm! Already it has reached the 10 million member milestone and even before it comes out of beta it has users questioning whether or not to drop Facebook in order to use Google+ as their main form of social interaction.

Vincent Wong has posted on Google+ a series of images which I highly recommend you go and look at. What he points out in these pictures is that Google+ isn’t actually about social. It’s all about Google’s other services. It’s about taking everything that is on your computer, word processing, spreadsheets, e-mail, and putting it all into the cloud so that you can access it everywhere. It’s about businesses paying Google for their services, rather than paying Microsoft for their competing Office 365 service.

Woody Leonhard over on Infoworld has an article which tells us about upcoming updates to Google’s services. First of all, Gmail is getting a new look which is more spread out than it currently looks. You can check it out by clicking on the gear icon in the top right corner of your screen, choosing mail settings, choosing the themes tab and then selecting preview or preview dense (dense puts the text closer together for smaller screens).

As well as more tweaks to Gmail, the other services are having minor facelifts and major behind the scenes re-workings of how the whole Google engine works. According to Google’s official blog the three key design principles that underpin these updates are Focus, Elasticity and Effortlessness.

Focus refers to the idea that you have come to Google to do a job or to find some information. Google’s tools are being re-worked so that they are able to get you the information you need quickly and easily. Elasticity refers to the flexibility with Google’s tools, allowing you to get all of their services on as many different products and operating systems as possible. Effortless means that Google uses all of today’s modern technology to give you the quickest and best experience they possibly can.

Ultimately these tweaks are being made to incorporate these services together using Google Plus. They want you to become engrossed in their ecosystem, they want you to use their documents, their search, their browser, their social network and eventually their operating system. With everybody using Google systems they can sell ad space to companies and they can sell enterprise versions to businesses.

This means that all of your data could eventually be in Google’s systems. The question is do you want this? Let us know in the comments below.