Facebook Scam Weekly: Roundup Of Scams

At OSM we enjoy keeping you up to date with the latest news that enters the world in terms of technology and also social media. Whilst everyone is going nuts about Google+ and the problems with Facebook chat we thought it was a good time to bring you our weekly roundup of Facebook scams that we have seen circulating. If you missed last week’s roundup then you can check it out by clicking here.

No sooner had we posted last week’s nasty little scams another two more popped up the very next day, the first was titled “OMG! A Spider under the skin!” with a horrible image as if a spider had burrowed into someone’s body. This post was shared by many people warning their friends that it was indeed a survey scam.

The second one we heard about that day was titled “Fan dies after fall at Rangers game [Video]” this is quite a sickening scam as a fan had recently fallen to his death trying to catch a baseball. The scammers are quick to catch onto anything like that in the world and are ready to turn it straight into a scam.

Another one that was extremely viral where the scammers were quick off the mark again is where the scammers were apparently giving out Google+ invitations. Of course this was all part of an elaborate scheme to get hold of your personal details. This scam was reported on July 13th.

July 15th came along and we were asking you guys for help with something that something was getting a Facebook page taken off the site that was apparently offering you “1000 Free Facebook Credits.” This scam tries to get you to copy some code and paste it into your browser which will take you off the Facebook website and to where ever the code entails. Within this article we gave you some advice about what to do if you have already gone through with it as well.

The final one that we have seen is a bit different, the majority of scams we see appearing on Facebook are what you would call survey scams. The one we found yesterday (July 18th) we can’t even actually get rid of and it’s called “who had blocked you ?”. It seems the only way for this one to be less viral is to hide all your pictures, that is until Facebook comes up with something else.

If you have been a victim to any of these scams then click on the link to it on the title of each of them above. They will have a guide on what you should do next associated with them to try and stop the spread of them, alternatively follow this link and it will tell you how to solve the majority of the problems. Share this with your friends so we can try to stop the spread of these dirty scams and keep our social network a better safer place.

Have you seen any of these scams going around? Let us know in the comments section below.