ESPN Game on Facebook: Running a Virtual Sports Bar & Grill

It’s a good day for those of you who enjoy the experience of social gaming. Earlier today we told of a new game on Facebook, Happy Oasis, a game in a similar vein to FarmVille but aimed at the Middle East market. Now we have news of another new social game on Facebook, this time it’s called ESPN Sports Bar & Grill and as the name suggests it’s all about running a virtual bar and grill.

Nowadays social gaming appeals to an awful lot of people and we told earlier how Happy Oasis had already gained 100,000 active users in its first week out. This new ESPN game will appeal to a wide range of people because of it’s sporting and bar connections. Developed by Playdom and presented by Samsung, a novel twist sees Samsung products within the game, such as the Samsung Galaxy Tab.

Like Happy Oasis this new ESPN game is built along similar lines to FarmVille and the idea is to run your sports bar by serving beer and food, earning sporting collectibles and carrying out challenges, according to Jennifer Van Grove over on Mashable. Along the way owners of the bars can maintain and revamp their bars and in another clever twist can play live ESPN radio into their bars. It gets even better than that though as virtual television sets in the bars can display simulated sporting events with the authentic scores updated in real time.

Of course like other virtual games you’ll need to devote a lot of attention to your sports bar and grill to get the most out of the game. The first game partnership between ESPN and Playdom (owned by Disney) came out in September last year and was called ESPNU College Town. Figures released by Playdom to Mashable show that 60,000 people now play College Town every day and the game has over 582,000 monthly active users. You can head to ESPN Sports Bar and Grill at the Facebook link here. If you head to it right now a message tells how the game is still in beta form and that there may be a few bugs here and there.

You can start by setting up your bar and then the team you want to affiliate it with, another neat touch. We’d like to hear your thoughts on ESPN Sports Bar & Grill. Have you ever fancied running your own bar with a sporting theme? Try it out and let us know what you think by sending your comments.