Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: Football / Soccer Domination

Ladies and gentlemen it’s time to report on the Twitter Top 10 trending topics where we are expecting to see more Football and Soccer domination. This has been the most constant trend we have seen in the charts topping it time and time again but can it do it again? If you missed last week’s chart, Football was at the top and you can check it out again here.

Let’s get down to business and kick things off with the number 10 entry in the chart, this one is Fairly Odd Parents. This topic is trending because the kids TB show celebrated its tenth anniversary featuring Timmy Turner. Hitting 9th spot in the chart is Betty Ford, she was the former First Lady of the United States between 1874 and 1877 and she passed away on July 8th which caused Twitter to erupt with messages.

Popping into 8th position in the chart this week is Demi Lovato, her most recent single called Skyscraper was released on July 12 and it managed to hit the number 1 spot in the iTunes chart. The topic hitting 7th in this week’s chart is Harry Potter Movie series, fans of the hit series of movies were watching previous movies from the series in anticipation of the new release of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 as well as talking about their favorite characters from the books.

Number 6 in the Twitter trending topics chart this week is Lil Wayne as he released Sorry 4 the Wait, a mix tape of his this week, fans were tweeting their joy at its release. We are now at the half way point in the chart this week and we see Major League Baseball creeping into 5th spot. This is trending mainly because Derek Jeter was pursuing his 3,000 hits at the Home Run Derby.

The trend in 4th position this week is Harper Seven Beckham and yes you did read that right. This is the latest addition to the Beckham family and Twitter fans were sharing their thoughts and opinions on the unusual name selected by David and Victoria Beckham. Breaching the top 3 in 3rd position this week is Phineas & Ferb, which is up a position from last week. This is the upcoming Disney movie which has a release date of August 5th.

In 2nd spot this week we have the pop sensation up one spot from last week, Justin Bieber. He managed to reach 11 million followers and is starting to catch up with Lady GaGa who has around 11.7 million following her on Twitter.

Well as we thought, Soccer / Football has topped the chart for a third straight week for a number of reasons. We saw the retirement of Arsenal FC’s former captain and French International legend Patrick Vieira. The Copa America competition continues and the USA women’s football team was knocked out of the Women’s World Cup. With it being the quarter finals of the Copa America this week, we expect to see the same trend topping the charts again next week.

Were there any surprises in the chart this week for you? Where’s Lady GaGa? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.