Twitter Founders Tell Story Of Mark Zuckerberg Business Meeting

Back when Twitter started to emerge on the social networking scene, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg planned to buy them out. We never heard the full details of what went on, but the Twitter co-founders Biz Stone and Evan Williams have now come out and told the story. Stone, Williams and Zuckerberg all met together at Facebook HQ, and it was eventful to say the least.

The Twitter founders were interviewed by NPR and have described the Facebook co-founder as having no sense of humor. The pair of Twitter representatives even went as far as to call Zuckerberg a “Vulcan”, referring to what appears to be his dead serious nature. Despite this lust for logic, Zuckerberg is a very popular figure, especially on Google Plus. Biz Stone revealed that “every joke he said landed like a dead fish on the ground”. Is there room for jokes in a serious business meeting? Of course there is.

In The Social Network movie, the fictional Mark Zuckerberg was quite serious and rarely laughed so maybe Jesse Eisenberg had the role spot on. Maybe it is that Biz Stone just tells bad jokes, but we have a feeling its probably the former. Stone described how the pair walked into a small office to sit down and talk with Zuckerberg. The Facebook CEO went in first and sat down, leaving Stone and Evans a loveseat to share. You can hear the full funny interview by visiting Electric Pig.

In the end Evan Williams made a joke about leaving the door open or closed, it did not go down well with Mark. It seems that Zuckerberg’s lack of humor was a decided factor in Twitter’s decision to abort negotiations. It has been reported that Stone and Evans informed Zuckerberg that they wanted $500 million for the site, despite admitting at the time they were only valued at around 250K.

Zuckerberg replied that he does not like dealing directly with numbers but if they gave him a figure he would give them a yes or no answer. When the word 500 million was spoke, Zuck replied “that is a big number”. Stone and Evans admitted that they made up the figure $500 million in the car on the way to Facebook HQ and chose the estimate because it was “ridiculous”.

If Stone and Williams thought the meeting was going badly then, the best moment was to come. Zuckerberg invited the guys to the cafeteria for lunch and there was a huge cue which the Twitter founders did not like the look of. They suggested to Mark if because he was the boss the could cut the line, but he bluntly replied “that’s not how we do things here”. Hilariously Stone used the classic bailout excuse and said “Ev we have that thing”. Was it unprofessional of Biz and Evan to joke around at the meeting or should Mark loosen up?