Apple iPhone 5 For Sprint and T-Mobile: Rethinking Loyalties

The Apple iPhone 5 continues to be the subject of discussion and debate and only yesterday we told how the release may be drawing nearer with news that extensive beta testing was now well underway. Both Sprint and T-Mobile were included as carriers said to be currently testing the iPhone 5 and that will be great news for many. Now we’re wondering if getting the iPhone 5 will mean Sprint and T-Mobile rethinking their loyalties.

We’ve been talking about the likelihood of both Sprint and T-Mobile becoming carriers for the next iPhone for some time and this is rumored as being one of the strong probabilities for the iPhone 5. As Apple is making attempts to appeal to the more price-conscious among us the fact that Sprint would be the only carrier still offering an unlimited data plan would no doubt be a big draw. Although 75% of the US market would have access to an iPhone 5 on release, assuming it arrives on AT&T and Verizon, that still leaves another 25% of prospective customers left out and that quarter may be more important than you imagine.

An interesting article by Timmy Falcon over on Beatweek points out that if Sprint and T-Mobile also carried the iPhone 5 their loyalties to Apple and its iconic handset would also certainly increase, giving the smartphone a whole new status. For instance before Verizon carried the iPhone the company carried ads that were less than favorable about it. Of course, calling a truce on the eventual arrival of the iPhone 4 on the Big Red caused Verizon to change that stance. Similarly all the while that Sprint and T-Mobile don’t carry the iPhone they will be plugging the Android and BlackBerry platforms and understandably not iOS. In fact Beatweek goes as far as saying that some tactics these two carriers currently employ actually misinform and mislead people about the iPhone in a bid to keep their current customers.

With the advent of the iPhone 5 on Sprint and T-Mobile this would obviously all change and Apple, its operating system and iPhone itself would all be portrayed in a completely different light. It seems to us that the iPhone 5 on all four major carriers would benefit both customers and Apple. Customers would have more choice and the chance of an unlimited data plan and Verizon and AT&T would probably step up their games and rethink their data plan offerings and also accelerate the growth of their improved networks. Meanwhile Apple will be the big winner as all four main US carriers will be promoting its platform luring yet more customers to the iPhone.

It’s certainly an intriguing time to be following iPhone development at the moment and we certainly hope that Apple does indeed launch the iPhone 5 on four carriers this time around. We’re interested to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a Sprint or T-Mobile customer hoping for the iPhone? Can you see anyway that Apple could lose out by offering the next iPhone to all of the major four carriers? Let us know with your comments.