Nintendo DS High Sales: 3DS Struggles To Keep Pace

Its a simple case of product development, where a newer version of a device is bought out after months, even years looking into what downsides the previous model suffered. This can be said for Nintendo and its gaming console the DS and the newer 3DS. In order to stand out from the rest of the crowd, Nintendo came up with a concept that if they managed to pull it off, would set them apart from other rival gaming competitors.

Unfortunately judging by some of the past and more recent articles we’ve written about, Nintendo have ended up feeling disappointed. According to BGR, new sales figures that were announced late last week from the company themselves, highlighted that in fact the DS console was selling more units, some 386,000 to be precise, this was far more than the 143,000 3DS units sold during last month. Reasons to the downturn in sales figures is still not known, it may be due to the DS console being retailed at a far lower price or even the lack of 3DS games, something of which is needed. Just recently the gaming world waited in anticipation for news at the E3 2011 event. Games such as The Legend of Zelda: The Ocarina of Time 3D were announced but are yet to be seen.

Or could the lack of sales, be down to the subsequent health issues that plagued the gaming 3DS console before it even launched. Concerns were made known, that the 3DS console if played for a certain amount of time, was contributing to cases of illness, examples of this included headaches, eye strain, dizziness and for this very reason, many people questioned whether the console would be suitable for young children. At one point we reported about how some consumers were taking their devices back to the store to get full refunds.

Figures announced on Friday also revealed that during its first week of release in the States, retailers actually shifted some 400,000 units, not bad going but unfortunately it wasn’t what the company were hoping for. A new addition to the Nintendo gaming line-up is that of the Wii U which is due to land Easter 2012, perhaps this will be the time for celebration.

On saying this, there is a little good news for Nintendo this weekend, according to, pre-order sales of Super Mario for the 3DS have risen over at retailer Inc. This now gives the little Italian guy a 25% rise to ranking 367 within Amazon’s Video Games division. It may pay you to head on over to Amazon in order to look at their latest promotion, Buy 2 Get 1 Free Game Sale that includes some 3DS titles.

Let us know your thoughts on this? Have you purchased a 3DS, tell us how you are finding it, any disappointments? Will you be picking up a new Wii U console next year?

  • Paul Clark

    well I only have 2 3ds games — dead or alive and zelda. I still haven’t finished zelda as I’ve been taking my time.. I am some what impressed .. or maybe just trying to justify the 250 price tag (which is more like 274 after tax )