Galaxy S II (S2) Features Obscured: Find Them & Enjoy

Samsung’s Galaxy S II (S2) smartphone has been causing a massive amount of attention within the phone world. Unfortunately although released in many countries, the U.S. is still without a solid arrival date, this we have to say may be starting to look hopeful, based on news that our very own Debbie has brought you (click here) for more details.

In the past we’ve reported on the Sammy’s specs, speed tests, accessories, comparisons, name changes for all four U.S. carriers and so on. Today the news is slightly different and will no doubt be a benefit for many of you. Over at, Mat Smith has reported that as well as the fantastic list of specs that you get with the Galaxy S2, there are also features that consumers may not be aware of, that in the long run may help increase battery life, short cuts to your phonebook listing and so on. We’ve taken a look and picked out just a handful to get you started, but let us know at the end how you get on and if you have any helpful tips and tricks.

Firstly, if as a user you are looking to adjust the screen’s brightness, then it may be worth considering this tip. Instead of accessing the settings menu to do this, a shortcut will be to hold your finger down on the status bar at the top of the screen, slide to the right to up the brightness and the other way to reduce it down. This can be carried out from any menu or app that you are currently using.

Next up is this, something of which a large percentage of you will not be aware of! That’s the use of a special code allowing you to get to your phone’s innards or as stated, the inner test functions of the handset. By keying in *#0*# code, you will be able to check if all your pixels are indeed working as they should be as well as seeing all the data the accelerometer, magnetic and proximity sensor is producing, of course this may not be for everyone.

A tip to try out for yourself, is once you get into your phonebook contacts, the handset will be able to cross-reference your contacts with suggestion of who you are trying to phone. This as pointed out, can be done through accessing the keypad through the phone app, typing in the first few numbers of that person, with the handset automatically knowing who you are trying to phone out to. Not that we’ve tried this, but Mat has spoken about changing the font style to 90’s retro styling, this as he stated can be tried out by using the name “Tom” and pressing the number combination 866.

If you’re in a hurry and need to contact somebody quickly, then there is a faster way of bringing up their information. On the contacts screen, slide your finger to the left to call that person straight away, whilst sliding to the right allows you to open a text message window. Screen-shots from your phone can also be taken by pressing the home button in the middle and the power button on the right edge at the same moment, this transpires with a shutter sound and an image in the gallery.

A simple solution to preventing the handset’s screen from locking through a lengthy video, is by pressing the power button which enables you to lock the screen on. To unlock it, press it again. Something that will take seconds will no doubt stop many of you becoming frustrated.

Before we leave you with some of the tips to try out for yourself, we wanted to give you some useful information on the 8 megapixel camera, this we know has been one of the selling points to this phone, although many of the rival competitors such as the iPhone 5 and Droid Bionic are rumored to have this very feature.

Using the volume keys will help you zoom, with the added benefit of holding the menu button down allowing customisation of the camera options on the screen.

You may have already found some of these tips out for yourself, but there’s no harm in having a helping hand!

Give us your thoughts on the new Galaxy S2? Are you in the States and waiting for its arrival? Tell us whether you have any handy tricks to give to our readers?