Android Now Powering 130M Devices- 550K Activations A Day

Since its emergence, Android has gone from strength to strength, outselling many of its competitors most recently. Google’s OS has been a runaway success since coming on to the scene, powering a number of smartphones and tablets for some of the world’s largest manufacturers. Google recently published their quarterly earnings and it further highlighted how successful Android has been, there are now over 130 million devices around the world being powered by the OS.

On top of that massive figure is the news that Google are activating 550,000 new Android devices every single day, Tom’s Guide reports. This is a huge recent increase, as it was only 2 months ago that Google were activating 400,000 devices a day. A cause of Android’s huge rise is the number of phone makers they supply. Google power the smartphones and tablets of Samsung, HTC, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and LG. The fact that all of these huge companies would want the same software supplier just underlines the quality of Android.

According to Cnet UK, Apple are still superior to Android, claiming they have sold in excess of 200 million iOS devices up until June. When you consider Apple only supply their own devices such as the iPhone and iPad, you really have to take your hat off to their success also. But the reality is this, Android are catching up very quickly and many predictions show that they will be ahead of Apple as early as next year. The future looks like a straightforward fight between both, would you agree?

Both Google and Apple have their own online facilities to sell applications for smartphones and tablets. The App Store and the Android Market have both sold billions of apps to consumers, Apple most recently hitting the 15 billion landmark! Google are also having a shakeup to things and have overhauled the user interface on the Android Market, which will soon come to devices that run above Froyo. The new look app marketplace makes it quicker and easier to find the apps you want, with only 2 touches being needed to buy and download the ones you want.

With the dominance of Android and iOS with BlackBerry OS lingering behind, none of the other software manufacturers have had a real look in. Microsoft’s CEO Steve Ballmer said a few days back that their Windows Phone 7 OS is very small and has struggled. Although he thinks because Nokia chose WP7 over Android it shows a sign of belief. Nokia too are struggling and in all honesty it looks like they have backed the wrong horse. Which operating systems do your devices use, are you a part of the Android revolution?