MacBook Air 2011: Release Aimed At 21st / 22nd July

Sorry guys, no doubt many of you are still waiting for the Mac OS X Lion release, closely followed by the new MacBook Air models and so far rumors of release dates have been and gone. Unfortunately this has come to be expected in light of Apple product launches. We know its on the way but a concrete date is yet to surface.

Fingers were crossed that both would make an appearance just yesterday on the 14th, but nothing. Before we give you the next release date rumors which are looking to be next week, we just wanted to remind you that if you’re in the market for a new slim type laptop but are not willing to wait for the new addition or even pay its prices, then there are options. Just yesterday we brought you details of Apple lowering the prices of their current MacBook’s in order to clear shelves to make way for the newer models. We were keen to share at least three retailer names who were indeed slashing prices. May be worth checking this out, on the other hand if price is not the issue but perhaps you’re looking at other rivals to the MacBook Air models, then Hewlett Packard and its UltraBook range may survise.

So what rumored release dates are on the cards now for the new MacBook Air models, you may be asking? According to AppleInsider via All Things D, a good many sources are pointing to its release along with the Mac OS X Lion update towards the end of next week, that would be the 21st / 22nd July. When these two dates come around, the advice is to keep your eyes peeled!

We know that many of you who have been following the updates will already know of its possible specs, but we will reliterate for those that don’t. Firstly the new MacBook Air 2011 refresh are expected to come with the inclusion of Intel Sandy Bridge processors, new speedy Thunderbolt port as seen on the upgraded MacBook Pro and iMacs, solid state drives (SSD) at a minimum of 128GB replacing the base-level 64GB, backlit keyboards allowing you to use your laptop in the dark with lit up keys, this feature is something that was phased out so many are keen for its inclusion with possible 4GB of RAM.

Tell us where you stand with the new Mac OS X Lion and MacBook Air models? Are you holding out for both or are you tempted to opt for a cheaper alternative? Perhaps changing over to another make such as HP is ticking the boxes for you? Let us know your comments in the section below.

  • Anonymous

    Patiently waiting to see what my best choice is: The air or the MBP. I know it won’t be an HP. I like the weight of the air but the strength of a nice 15″ MBP is tempting. I’m leaning for the air cause I have an older MBP and this will be for my wife.