Google+ (Plus): Far More Appealing To Male Users

Google+ social networking which has in some ways been compared to Facebook, has just launched and has already attracted some 10 million if not more users. Although the two sites will coexist alongside one another, we asked just the other day, whether the two can work together and get on or whether there is just room for one overall winner. Only time will tell, but there will be a percentage of you who may already have opinions on that one!

We communicate with people every single day of the week and this is now expanding across the world wide web. Whether its friends, loved ones or just acquaintances, we now have the opportunity to send each other messages, upload and share photos, join events, groups of interest and so on. Google+ brings a new way of experimenting with extra benefits that according to some already outweigh what Facebook are offering. One criticism for some time with Facebook, is the issue of privacy. Although settings are in place to block an individual(s) from seeing your personal information and there’s the option to accept or decline a friend request, there are of course ways around this. Some have argued that the settings are still a little complicated, but Google+ have looked into this and have offered an alternative.

Interestingly before we give you a rundown of some of the benefits to Google+ and links to some of our previous articles, we wanted to share this with you. According to Mashable via recent Google+ statistics, male users are more inclined to use the new service above females. In fact three quarters if not more users are male, with data company SocialStatistics reporting it to be 86.8% whilst FindPeopleOnPlus which looks at an overall figure of approximately 1 million users, states 73.7% Google+ users are men. Looking at gender stats may be phased out due to reports that Google+ will not require users to state what sex they are, in relation to rival Facebook, the user traffic is fairly level pegging with a slight increase in female users.

Other results from the latter company showed that a staggering 95% of Google+ male users said they were “looking for love,” 25,000 classed themselves as “single,” 19,000 “married” and 12,000 already in a “relationship” whilst many were keen to keep it a closely guarded secret. Added to this, a high 60% of users were software engineers or web developers.

One of the interesting features that Google+ networking offers its users, is that of “Circles.” We have to say we like this very feature, it enables your family to be in one group, friends in another, drinking buddies, sporting friends and so on in their own group. So the idea is that, if you want to share say a piece of information with friends, then you can do so with those that it applies to!

Sparks is yet something else to ponder over. There are of course times when we want to source information, topics of discussion that are of interest to us and Google+ will help us do that. Looking at what you’re interests are, the new service will find the content across the internet on any topic in over 40 languages and will send it to you. This can then strike up a conversation between a circle of friends.

Additional features include Hangouts, Huddle, Instant Upload and the use of Mobile Sharing.

Tell us whether you are now on Google+ and your favorite feature? Are you still waiting on an invite, click here for more details? Do you think this will overtake Facebook or are they on level ground?

  • Anonymous

    My friends (5 females to 3 males) and I discussed this over dinner.. We all love facebook. No issues with privacy and don’t care for putting people in certain circles etc. Plus, I would never type something online to a certain circle that if there were a glitch or a wrong click (oops) would not be OK for everyone to see. Ooh too risky…