FB Scam: 1000 Free Facebook Credits – ACTION REQUIRED

Regular readers of OSM will be aware that we strive to talk to you about the latest Facebook scams that circulate on the world’s largest network. Some of the ones we have reported on recently include the Google+ invites scam and the apparent video of the fan that died at the Rangers game. Now we have another one to tell you about, this FB scam tempts you with 1000 free Facebook credits… Now we need your help!

The first thing we would like all our readers to do is visit the actual Facebook scam page by clicking here and then clicking on the “Report Page” as “Spam or Scam” from the left hand column. The plan is that with enough of us all joining together we can get this stinker taken down. Now we will explain more about the scam and some of the potential dangers of it.

There’s a message that is being virally spread across Facebook that says “Everyone can get 1000 facebook credits for free here!I think it is for today only have a look…” another says “Hi, here is a way to get 1000 fb credits in your account. Worked for me ;)” and the last one that Facecrooks.com have seen says “Do you need facebook credits? They are giving away 1000 to each user here.”

Of course nothing is being given away, there’s sure to be a whole load of other messages that the scammers are using to try and get this scam out there. We have also heard that it’s spreading not only through wall posts but through Facebook Chat too! When you follow the scam link you will be directed to the page that we asked you to report earlier.

The page looks to give you simple instructions of copying some code from the first step, then deleting Facebook’s URL and pasting in the code to the address bar. You should never do this; effectively what they are doing is navigating you away from the safety that Facebook provides.

If you have unfortunately gone through with this then the final part of the scam will have been loaded and you will have also spammed your Facebook friends. The crooks are trying to make you fill in the survey scam where they will obtain your valuable personal details. Again, if you have gone through with this then we would advise you to keep an eye on anything with your personal details on it including your mobile phone bill for any bogus charges.

To remove this scam from your page you will need to navigate to the actual Facebook wall post and hit the “X” button in the upper right hand corner. Once you have done that select “Report Post / Spam” from the drop down menu, upon completion follow our guide to ensure that it has been entirely removed. At this stage we would also advise you to run a full virus and spyware scan just to be on the safe side.

Have you seen this Facebook scam going around? Have you reported the page? Tell us in the comments section below.