Acer Iconia Tab A501: Updated Specs Include 64GB Of Storage

Tablet PCs are one of the big talking points in the world of technology, more and more different manufacturers are adopting the Google Android OS to combat against Apple’s market dominance of the Apple iPad. Now we have heard a little bit more information about another Android based device, it’s the Acer Iconia A501 which has updated specs including 64GB of storage.

Firstly, the importance of the 64GB of internal storage is it’s the only Android tablet offering that capacity out of the box. This will directly rival the iPad 2 64GB version and will obviously draw automatic comparisons when the Iconia A501 is released. It would seem that there are two versions of the same tablet but with slightly different specifications according to the notes that passed through the FCC.

It looks like the A500 will be launching on Verizon which will be 4G compatible so it seems logical following AT&T’s previous press release that the A501 will be retailed through their network. The one problem that this and all other tablets face at the moment is the might of Apple. Their dominance in the market is crazy and with all the hype that the Motorola Xoom had it barely made a scratch! Perhaps this was down to the pricing of the device.

We first learned of the changes that we will be seeing through an article over on by Chris Chavez, he says that the changes are small and include changes such as new touch and image sensors. The most notable change is the upping of the integrated storage. Also reporting on the news is the author over at They have noted that there will also be Hynix DDR2 memory included in the FCC amendment documentation.

So, it certainly looks like the A500 is for Verizon and the A501 is for AT&T. The cellular giants have announced plans that they will introduce the A501 at some point this summer and as things stand there’s no pricing information. If they wanted to hit a sweet spot in the market then they need to ensure the build quality is good and the price is right. If they price this device quite a bit below the competitor products then it does have a chance, all be it a small chance!

What do you think of the Acer Iconia A501 device amendments? Are you looking forward to an Android tablet PC running with 64GB of integrated storage? Let us know in the comments section below.