Sony Xperia Duo: Set To Take On The Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II)

When it comes to smartphones there are a number of different devices out there to choose from. The features of them keep on changing as they keep up with the latest technological advancements in their field which includes everything from screens to components. One that looks set to take on the current might of the Samsung Galaxy S II is the Sony Xperia Duo.

Whilst Sony hasn’t actually officially announced that this device is coming, we have seen it a few times already over the last little while. There was a leaked photo as well as some of it’s crazy specifications that will rival any smartphone on the current market and perhaps those that are in the pipeline too such as the next Apple device (iPhone 4S or iPhone 5).

Whilst no specifications have been confirmed yet we have been speculating about that the name could mean. Xperia Duo could mean dual cameras which would make it a 3D device but it’s more likely to be to do with dual-core processing as talked about by Electric Pig’s Nick Marshall. Also mentioned is the rumored 12 megapixel camera that the device will supposedly be armed with which is enough to get excited about on its own without dual-core processing.

We have also found an interesting article over on PhoneArena by Nick T. He also suspects that this will be Sony’s new flagship device and tells us of another rumor or two that will get technology lovers pumping; the dual-core processor will tick at 1.4GHz with there being 1.5GB of RAM. This means that it’s pretty much going to be able to handle anything that can be thrown at a smartphone.

All these cool features and a rumored 4.5-inch screen all sounds impressive but there’s one thing that we are wondering about. Just how is the battery going to cope with running all of this? Again PhoneArena’s Nick T mentions that the Android 2.3 Gingerbread device will have a 2500mAh battery to try and give it as much life as possible.

It certainly looks like a device that could rival the Samsung Galaxy S II which has been nothing short of impressive since its launch… Now we just need a US release date for it and then everyone will be happy! Whispers suggest that the release date of the Xperia Duo is September so keep a look out for any further information about the device. It’s important to highlight at the end here, that these are all rumors so please don’t take these too literally.

What do you think of Sony’s new Xperia Duo rumored specifications so far? Let us know in the comments section below.