Pico Projector Equipped Mini-Tablet: NionCom Android Goodness

When it comes the tablet PC world it has changed quite a lot recently. Before Apple decided they wanted a device in there the market wasn’t really doing too well but as soon as the iPad was introduced all of a sudden it became fashionable. Since then we have seen a range of different devices mainly with the Android OS.

Something we have speculated on before is the thought of a Pico Projector within a smartphone or a tablet and now our wishes have come true with the Mini-Tablet from NionCom which reeks of goodness! The thought of being able to carry around a portable device and then display a video, photos or whatever else you want to your friends at the touch of a button from a tablet is mind blowing.

When you pull in the fact that it’s a Pico projector you know the quality is there too. We learned of the device through an article over on Engadget by Terrence O’Brien where he has mentioned that the name of the device is the MemoryKick Vision along with some of the expected specifications of the device.

The original source of the information is PicoPros.com where their author Paul Marganski has written a brilliant article on his first impressions of the device after he received a prototype. In his report he tells us that the tablet is Android based and that it can potentially project up to 100” which is more than impressive from such a small device.

Perhaps that isn’t enough for you and if it isn’t then you will be pleased to know that the Android Market place is available to them too and that it has an array of different connection types including WiFi and Bluetooth. Personally I can see this being an extremely useful little device and from working in a hectic business environment I can certainly see its worth for those all important meetings. The device even has a little kickstand of its own to get the right projecting angle.

If this is the sort of device that interests you then perhaps you should head over and read through the article on PicoPros.com where they are clearly impresses with the prototype that they have their hands on. Head to the bottom of the article where you can expect to find a few demonstration videos courtesy of Paul Markanski.

What do you think about a Pico Projector being mounted into a tablet PC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.