Netflix Customers Social Media Revolt: More NBC Content Added

We’ve been giving you plenty of news about Netflix lately with an infographic showing Hulu vs. Netflix preference, news about a Netflix update for the Nintendo 3S and then yesterday we told about Netflix splitting its DVD and movie streaming services so that some will face higher bills. Today we have some news for you about a Netflix customer social media revolt and also how NBC content is being added.

Social media reaction to the Netflix price hikes has been so fervent that #DearNetflix trended on Twitter with customers complaining strongly about the changes. Crimson Hexagon has kindly provided us with a useful look at the data involved, created by Wayne St. Amand, which certainly makes for interesting reading as it looks into the Twittersphere reaction. The Twitter response to the news showed 62% negativity and only 23% positivity. Of the 62% that were against the move the sentiment was broken down and 31% came into the category of ‘bad move Netflix,’ 20% thought ‘goodbye Netflix, hello Redbox’ while 11% had ‘plans to leave Netflix.’

Of the 23% positive sentiment only 10% said the ‘new plan are okay by me’ while 13% it was ‘Okay but keeping streaming only. Netflix mentions on Twitter went up 114% over the one-day period of June 12 to June 13 that was used. There were also 15% of people who mentioned Netflix on Twitter that remained neutral and were merely tweeting the news. It seems that with the amount of negativity though Netflix could have just made a big marketing mistake.

We also have news today from Ben Parr over on Mashable who tells more about the customer anger surrounding the Netflix plan changes. On the Netflix Facebook page the new development has attracted 45,000 comments and counting, mainly negative with thousands more protesting on the Netflix blog.

On a different note there’s also new of more NBC content being added to Netflix so that popular shows such as Saturday Night Live and The Office will stay but more shows, such as Leave it to Beaver and Law and Order: SVU will be added. More from NBC’s Universal film library will also be added. However Saturday Night Live will no longer be available to view the day after it airs and instead the whole season will be available after the season ends. This will likely further infuriate many Netflix users especially as Hulu users will still be able to see SNL the day after each episode airs.

We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Are you a Netflix user and do you think the price hikes are reasonable or maybe you’re annoyed that you will no longer be able to view SNL the day after each episode airs? Why not let us know by sending your comments.