More Tips On How To Get Your Fans To Spread Your Brand

Yesterday on OSM we told you many different ways to motivate your followers to share your content, and how to reward them for promoting your brand. In today’s social media market, your fans can often be better ambassadors for your company than advertising agents ever could be. For example, video game fans often go out of their way to promote their favorite game or system without any persuasion or reward from the developers themselves.

The question here is how to take advantage of your loyal customer base in order to have them become ambassadors of your product in order to get them to spread the word about your product and your brand. Todd Wasserman over on Mashable has an article with more tips and tricks to get your fans to spread your brand message throughout their social circles.

The first tip is to give your fans a task to do. Engage with your followers, offer them competitions and ask them questions. Don’t just ignore your followers after they click like. Post links, competitions and features and keep them involved in the comments. If your consumers are invested in your Facebook page and your community, that brand will become more important to them, and they are more likely to spread that around to their friends.

One way to turn a fan into an ambassador is to actually interact with them on a personal level. For example WalMart has brought several members of its community, including blogging mothers, to their headquarters in Bentonville, Arkansas to let them use new products and give them a unique first look at what is coming soon from the company. This way the select user will feel even more invested in the brand, and they will speak openly and more favorably towards your brand.

A tip from me personally is that your company should make awesome advertising content. The Old Spice Guy is a huge example of this being a massive success. If I see an awesome video on YouTube, I will share it on my Facebook wall for my friends and family to see, even if I myself don’t buy that particular product. People love to share content and by making it entertaining they will be prompted to share and comment on that video without you even having to ask.

For the full list of tips and tricks, check out the Mashable article. For more business articles, click here. Do you have any other tips you could share with us? Post them in the comments below.