MacBook Air Models Listed Cheaper: Will You Wait For New?

As always with Apple we are subject to rumor and speculation when waiting for the latest offerings. For a while now we have waited for the new re-fresh of the Cali company’s MacBook Air range, which was rumored to be within the next few days. All we know at the moment is that this release is imminent due to the fact that Apple has confirmed its introduction of iOS 5 this month, which will no-doubt coincide with the Air unveiling.

Of course the hardware wont arrive before the iOS 5 update, but chances are that they will break cover at the same time. As Mac Rumors stated there was talk of the new OS X Lion coming today but again nothing as yet, Apple do like to keep us on our toes. One things for certain, the new MacBook Air range will be pulling out all the stops to impress with reported back-lit keyboards missing from the last revamp and super-fast 400MBps flash storage. These latest models will not have an easy run due to Intel’s new Ultrabook range which we previously reported on, featuring sub $1000 price tags, extended battery lives and thickness less than 0.8-inches. Fronted by a pair of new ultra-thin HP laptops that are set for release sometime in August as direct challengers or the new Air.

However if you are in the market for one of the slimmest laptops available but aren’t concerned about having the most up-to-date model, then this really is the ideal time to buy. According to Cnet, Apple retailers are discounting their current stock of Airs, most likely in an attempt to empty the shelves ready for the new range. This comes after price slashing of the MacBook Pro’s in accordance with its re-fresh, which will include the new white version and new Mac Mini’s set to land sometime end of this month or the first week of August.

In the fight for discount top spots are the likes of Best Buy which has the 11.6-inch Mac Air down from $999 to just $938.99. Mac Connection come in slightly over at $948.99, while MacMall list the Intel 1.4GHz Core 2 Duo Processor model for $938.94. It did knock an extra $28.17 off this price but only for one day, though there is always the possibility that these extra discounts may well spark up again. If you fancy something a bit bigger, the 13.3-inch Air can be sourced for between $1,234.99 and $1,247.65, which is still a saving over the Apple price of $1,299. For this you still get Core 2 Duo 1.86GHz processing power with 2GB memory and a 128GB flash drive.

MacBook Pro fans will be pleased to learn that the 2.2GHz Intel “Sandy Bridge” Core i7 processor packing model with 4GB Memory and 750GB hard disk drive is available from MacMall for just $2,320 over the $2,499.99 Apple price. Other discounted Pro’s start with the 15.4-inch at $2,059.99 rather than $2,199, down to $1,415.94 off Apple’s $1,499 for the 13-inch Mac Pro.

So if the new models aren’t a must have in your life why not check out what discounts are on offer, there is the chance that prices will drop more the closer we get to the end of the month and the revealing of Apple’s latest OS X Lion and brand new Air range. Tell us if you will be waiting for the revamp models or finding yourself a bargain?

  • Anonymous

    Unless Apple has a significant price increase for the new Airs (and that’s extremely unlikely under current market conditions), it’s downright irresponsible to recommend buying an old Air now. The current Airs were using out-of-date technology from day one. What little you’d save by buying a current Air is certainly not worth it compared to the new Airs, which will offer hardware that is *2* generations more advanced.