Mac OS X Lion Release & New MacBook Air: Not This Week After All?

We know that many of our readers are waiting for the release of Mac OS X Lion and also the new MacBook Air for 2011 that was rumored may launch on the same day. Much of the speculation currently surrounds a July 14 release day, that’s today, but we’re now hearing news that Mac OS X Lion may not release this week after all, which also means no new MacBook Airs.

We’ve written countless articles about both and the current school of thought was that we might see the release of the new operating system and the MacBook Air refresh on the same day. Only a few days ago we posted about the four new models expected for the MacBook Air but now whispers are suggesting we may all be waiting for nothing just at the moment. Arnold Kim over on MacRumors tell about the July 14 release rumors but notes a few doubts creeping in. For example John Siracusa of Ars Technica said in a podcast on said that he had heard Mac OS X Lion was not arriving with us this week, although conceded this was not first-hand information.

Added to that though, LoopInsight’s Jim Dalrymple who has previously been known to have Apple contacts, tweeted last night of his hopes that “you guys don’t lose too much sleep waiting for the new Macs and Lion tomorrow.” While MacRumors suggest that means neither will arrive today, we’d say it may just as equally mean that they might be arriving and just noting everyone’s eager anticipation. These rumors of course mean nothing on there own but of course we have to point out that the July 14 release date rumor is also just that, a rumor, although maybe with more grounding.

If Mac OS X Lion doesn’t release today it’s highly unlikely that the MacBook Air will arrive either as previously we told how the MacBook Air was being held back for release until it could have Mac OS X Lion pre-installed. We hope this latest information is wrong and that the new OS and Air’s appear later today but we’re not holding our breath just yet. While you’re waiting you may be interested in our article from earlier today about the Sony Vaio Z series laptop now released in the U.S, which many feel is a really credible alternative to the MacBook Air. OSM’s Maddy Rowe has also just written about how current MacBook Airs are being discounted. Are you waiting for Mac OS X Lion or the new MacBook Air? Let us know with your comments.

  • Rohit Srivastava

    sad news ..I have been waiting for past one week for this moment

    • Sören Seitz

      I did too

  • Nash de los Santos

    indeed. Prepared my mac for this.. been waiting for weeks.; :(

  • Edouard Abihabib

    A buddy of mine just recently quit his job for OS X division of Applecare and he told me Lion won’t be out till the end of the month. What constitutes “the end of the month” is still a mystery though.

    • Debbie Turner

      There are certainly plenty of us waiting and hoping. Personally I have my fingers crossed that they could still turn up today. Keep tuned!