iPhone 5 Further Release Delay Possible : A5 Chip Problem Rumor

Talk of the Apple iPhone 5 continues to bemuse and fascinate us and at the moment a lot of the talk has been regarding release speculation. For some time now we’ve been looking at a late September or early October release date but in the last day or so we’ve heard continuing rumors of a launch on August 16. However more speculation today suggests the iPhone 5 could see a further release delay and apparently it’s down to the new A5 chip.

To be frank it’s difficult to know what to believe and earlier today our Maddy Rowe wrote about further pointers for an August release following on from the August release rumor from yesterday (link in first paragraph). It’s true that one of the things most expected for the iPhone 5 is a new dual-core A5 processor and in a recent infographic about rumored features for the iPhone 5 this was given a 100% probability. So could this A5 chip really be responsible for the delay in the iPhone 5 when it was first expected back in June and could it be the cause of further delays in the future?

Over on 9to5Mac Christian Zibreg reports on a story stemming from a Chinese language site, Sohu.com, which claims that the iPhone 5 delays so far have been due to the A5 processor overheating. Zibreg warns we should take this with a “healthy dose of skepticism” and we’d have to agree that this really should be taken with a hefty pinch of salt for now. Although this latest rumor seems to stand against the current tide of thinking we have so far attempted to keep you informed about iPhone news and also speculation and so are continuing in that vein.

A translation shows that this was indeed the reason that the iPhone 5 didn’t originally show in June or July and hence the release was delayed until August / September. The story claims that the silicon team at Apple is having real problems with keeping the A5 chip cool in such a confined space as the iPhone body. What’s more, (maybe you shouldn’t read on if you’re eagerly awaiting the iPhone 5), it’s said that these problems could even result in a release being delayed further, maybe into 2012. The Chinese website also mentions the much-rumored iPhone 4S and says it will fill the interim before the A5 processor problem is solved for the iPhone 5. For much more on this head to the 9to5Mac link above.

So do we believe that the iPhone 5 won’t arrive in the next two or three months? Somehow we think it’s much more likely to release in the current timeframes being mentioned than in 2012 and there is doubt about the credibility of this latest rumor so for now at least, we’ll be keeping a very open mind. What are your thoughts on this latest iPhone 5 rumor? Let us know with your comments.