iPhone 5 August Release? Yet More Finger Pointing

Its lucky that Apple have such a loyal following after the wait we have all had for their products to finally see the light of day. First up we are on the edge of our seats to see if iOS X Lion will emerge from the darkness, hopefully bringing with it the latest incarnation of Apple’s MacBook Air. As we reported earlier the new OS is set for release by the end of this month with the Ultrabook challenging Mac Air following closely behind. Not only are we waiting for a new slim laptop but shortly after in August a revamped MacBook Pro will be introducing itself.

But all of these are paled into insignificance compared to the hype surrounding Apple’s most wanted addition. We are of course talking about fabled iPhone 5 and its multitude of rumored release dates. As PC Advisor states, if we followed the pattern of previous iPhone releases then June this year would have been the chosen month, as this was the month through 2007, 08, 09 and 2010 that Apple launched the iPhone 5’s predecessors. Normally Apple unveil at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but although this started on June 6th we were none-the-wiser by the end.

What seems more likely now is that the 5 will be introduced around the 16th of August, this is due to a recent job advert that was spotted from the Cali company on a recruitment site. The post was for Apple iPhone Sales specialists to work with Apple on a full-time sales team. Requirements needed handset experience in order to demo the device to customers within Apple stores. It stated that the positions would commence on August 16 after a 4 day training course, and run through to October 29. This strongly suggests that the iPhone 5 will be coming for August 16, as Apple generally ship in more staff on the brink of a new device launch.

Further confirmations were given by BGR who stated that an inside source spoke of Apple’s plan to hold an event to reveal the new handset around the beginning to middle of August. Availability would then follow at the end of August. With more talk of the iPhone 6 coming in the spring of 2012, August this year would be the ideal slot for the 5.

While this latest rumor seems pretty watertight, others disagree claiming that it is just too soon, some reported awhile ago that September was more likely, especially after Steve Jobs himself confirmed an iOS 5 launch for the same month, while others even thought November was favorable.

Although release dates are high on the speculation stakes, other areas of contemplation have arisen in regards to final specification. As far as we can see the 5 will be similar in design to the 4 but with the inclusion of an 8Mp camera, ARM Cortex-A9 processor and either dual- or single-core chip. A white version is highly likely but as we are all probably aware another wait will ensue.

Whatever the look, spec or release date turns out to be for Apple’s fifth generation iPhone, it is sure to excite the avid follows. Give us your thoughts on whether you think August is most likely for the unveiling given the information that we have sourced?