Foursquare Shows How To Create Successful Social Campaign

When promoting a business through social media one of your goals is to turn your fans into ambassadors, who then spread your message to their friends. This can be done by getting them involved with the content and by rewarding them for their hard work. One company which has been successful with their social media campaigns is Foursquare, and one way to advance your social media campaign is to study the work of others and see where they succeeded.

Lauren Drell over on Mashable has a list of successful social media marketing campaigns that were conducted through Foursquare. The first is where the History Channel created a brand channel in Foursquare and had little bits of historical information open up whenever the user was near a site of historical importance. For example you would sign into Times Square, and the tip would pop up telling the user a little bit of information about the site. Over 3,600 people have accessed the tip, and with other locations all over the world it has seen a good deal of success. Even if it hasn’t done a great deal for the TV channel, it has at least educated some people with some interesting historical facts.

Starwood Hotels teamed up with Foursquare to deliver its customers a different sort of reward program. Whenever somebody checked into the hotel for the night, they are awarded 250 Starpoints. These can then be cashed in for prizes, with a free night in the hotel costing 3000 or more starpoints. The best part is that Starwood hotels can be found all around the world and customers who have a Foursquare account tied to Starwood hotels will look for that hotel in particular in order to earn extra points, meaning more business for the hotel chain. Starwood has given away over 1 million points so far, so this looks to be a huge success.

One eye doctor in Florida is taking advantage of the service in order to promote his own business. Every person who visits Nathan Bonilla-Warfords’ medical practice and checks into Foursquare receives a free bottle of hot sauce. It’s a wierd approach, but it appears to be successful. Bonilla-Warford is quoted as saying that ““It’s such a left-field kind of reward that it catches people’s eyes — they smile and think its funny. Then they go home and talk about it — I went to the eye doctor, and I got this hot sauce!” Though the promotion hasn’t made his business any more successful than it would already be, it has brought a smile to many people’s faces, and it has made him a local celebrity.

For more Foursquare success stories, check out the Mashable article. What cool Foursquare style social campaign ideas can you come up with? Let us know in the comments below.