Claimed iPad 3 Component Photo: Brand New Design Exposed?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about an Apple iPad 3, or even an interim model dubbed the iPad HD (or iPad Plus). We learned recently about the model known as the iPad HD, which was described as a higher-end iPad 2 due for later this year with an iPad 3 next year. Today we have heard of a leaked component, claimed to be from an iPad 3, that has been exposed with an image and which is said to tip a brand new design.

The component was said by the source that revealed it to be from an iPad 3 and a photo shows the internal component leaked from, which has sometimes revealed hardware information before. The leak was brought to our attention by Neil Hughes over on Apple Insider and the component has the code number ‘821.’ An online translation shows that the source also believes the ‘iPad 3’ will be a newly designed model because a component part number which was 1180 on the iPad 2 is now 1259 on the purported new component. Of course that may sound like a bit of a leap but it is possible that this could be accurate. You can see the supposed iPad 3 component in the image below, courtesy of Apple.Pro.

Another prediction from the component stems from the fact that it has a white outward-facing plug leading to the suggestion that the iPad 3 will also have a white version as well as the black one, as with the iPad 2. Intriguingly the source also claimed that it was very difficult to say more due to the fact that Apple has begun an internal investigation into leaks to sites such as Very cloak-and-dagger! Apple Insider points out that has a mixed record of accuracy with its leaks but previously exposed a touchscreen for the sixth-generation iPod nano, which turned out to be the real deal. Another reveal that turned out to be accurate were the front panels for the iPhone 4. However some MacBook rumors did not come to fruition.

In our previous report about the iPad HD and iPad 3 (linked to in the first paragraph) we also reported that Apple was seeking another manufacturer, possibly Pegatron, for iPad production as well as the current supplier Foxconn but that DigiTimes, the source of the rumor, had a mixed record on Apple product rumors. Now Christian Zibreg over on 9to5Mac reports that Foxconn has managed to persuade Apple not to share orders for the iPad 3 with another supplier.

What are your thoughts on this component claimed to be for the iPad 3? Are you hoping for a higher-end iPad HD this year, or maybe you think we won’t see another iPad until an iPad 3 in 2012? Let us know with your comments.