5 Ways Mobile Games Have Found Success

Smartphones and tablets have become incredibly successful in recent years. Every day we hear of new competitors hoping to find a place in the increasingly crowded marketplace, including the Motorola Photon 4G Smartphone and the Sony S2 duel screen tablet. One of the reasons for the success of these devices is mobile gaming. Often the games are cheap, easy to get into and are available for short play sessions.

Erica Swallow over on Mashable has a list of 5 trends which has shaped mobile gaming throughout the few years that these devices have been available. One of the trends is that gamers are huge fans of social features and multiplayer components. The best part about Bejewelled 2 on the iPhone is that it can link up with the Blitz mode on Facebook, allowing me to play for a minute and compare my scores with my friends. Bragging rights and achievements are a huge part of today’s mobile gaming culture, and these features continue to drive players to come back time and time again to beat their friends’ high score.

Tablets are now a key part of mobile gaming strategies due to their long battery life and high processing power. Market research firm Mintel published a report on US mobile gaming, and in it they found that 38% of tablet gamers play 5 hours or more compared to only 20% who played on their mobile phone. One of the reason for the success of tablet gaming is because people buy the tablet for web access or for media playback and they find that gaming is an extra feature that they can tap into to provide more entertainment.

When creating a game for profit, companies have to make the decision whether to go free with adverts (and often a pay to remove adverts option is included), go Freemium (free to play, extra bonus items or in game cash require extra payment) or to go as a paid app. Sometimes games go for paid with bonus items for sale such as extra powerups or bonus in-game credits.

The advantage of using a Freemium model is that you have a large customer base, and if your game is of good enough quality people will pay for extra in-game purchases. Paid for games currently bring in the most revenue, accounting for 92.5% of the overall revenue from mobile games. The thing with mobile gaming is that it spreads via word of mouth more than from game reviews. One of the reasons for Angry Birds success is because everybody kept telling their friends to get the game and play it until it became hugely popular.

For the full list of mobile gaming trends, check out the Mashable article. Which mobile or tablet based game is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below.