Top Tips For Rewarding Your Social Media Customers

Customers are the lifeblood of your company. After all, without people buying your product or service you would simply go out of business. As we’ve seen, you can even motivate your consumers to share your brand message for you to their friends and family through deals and discounts.

Another great way of motivating people is to give them something in return. To this end, the fine folks over at Social Media Examiner have put forth a list of ways that you can reward your customers for passing on details about your business, and how you can persuade them to get their friends in on the action.

The first one is the basic idea that we first saw when the Xbox 360 was released. It first was known as Achievements, but other services have picked it up and given it names such as trophies, badges, stickers etc. The idea here is to reward people for their actions with a virtual badge of honor for what they have done, which could be as simple as just posting a link to their Facebook wall.

Another way to get your consumers interested is to have a competition where they create some form of content which in turn advertises your product. For example if you are a soft drinks company, have your users create an animated project where a bottle of your drink goes on a magical journey. Of course you’ll have to offer a substantial prize to make people feel that their time and effort will be justly rewarded but if it succeeds they will create an awesome video that they themselves will promote for you.

Have you ever heard the saying about the ‘Wisdom of the crowd’? The idea here is that 100 people in a group are more likely to be correct than 1 person when asked a question because of the sheer number of people in that group. You can use that to your advantage in a business situation, because out of the thousands of people that follow you online, one person is sure to have a great idea. Make a platform where people can share ideas with one another, and chances are that you will eventually find a diamond in the rough which could help propel your business into the future.

Finally, just say thank you! It’s rare to have companies turn around and thank their customers directly, whether it be in person or online, but it can really brighten up people’s days and their opinion of the company. Maybe just once in a while add a thank you to the bottom of your e-mail newsletter or to your social media message. It’ll do your customers a world of good.

For the full list of ways to reward customers, check out the full Social Media Examiner article. If you have any other ideas, let us know in the comments below.