How To Use Google+ Security And Privacy Settings

One of the biggest drawbacks for Facebook is its overcomplicated and difficult to use privacy and security settings. People struggle through many different menus in order to try and prevent any and every company, application and malicious user from getting hold of their precious data. We even see constant scams attempting to take advantage of users in order to spread their viruses across the platform.

These security settings is one of the reasons that Google+ has become a huge success. They have nearly reached 10 million users, and they haven’t even left beta. However, whether they will ultimately succeed or not depends on how they treat their consumers and the data of their consumers, and whether people join them or not. After all, social people go to the service where all of their friends are.

Suzanne Vara over on Socialmediatoday reports on the privacy settings available in the new social network and she says that the most important settings are easy to find and edit. For example to choose whether or not to receive e-mail notifications all you have to do is click on the gear icon at the top of the screen and choose Google+ settings. This then brings up a page displaying your display preferences.

The interface for changing options is sparse and simple. What I mean by that is that there isn’t a lot of options, which means that it is easy to understand. Google+ has no application support yet, so there aren’t any options associated with that. From the settings menu you have access to options about your overall Google account, your profile privacy settings, your Google+ notifications, language settings, Data liberation (where you can easily download all the information you have given to Google) and connected accounts, where you can link other e-mail addresses to your Google account.

One setting that many users may be interested in is your web history. Click on the gear icon again, and choose web history. If it is turned on it will show you every search that you have done through Google including web, images and news. Google says that it makes your search history better, however if you don’t want Google to show your search history make sure you turn that particular setting to off.

Google+ is still in invite only mode, and if you still need an invite then click here. If you want to see the full list of Google’s new settings then check out the Socialmediatoday article. Are you using Google+? Is it better then Facebook? Let us know in the comments below.