FB Scam: Get Invite Google+ – Scammers are Quick

There’s been a massive surge of people wanting too and joining up to what could be the fastest growing social network ever. Of course the scammers that troll the world of Facebook know this too and what better place to advertise for a scam about getting an invite to Google+ than Facebook? Boy these scammers are quick off the mark!

Many of our regular readers will be aware that we regularly report on the different Facebook scams that we come across to raise the awareness of them and try to keep the current world’s largest social network a cleaner place. Of course that’s not always easy and people’s perception of what is and what isn’t a scam may have become jaded with the recent Google+ frenzy which is why the scammers have targeted it.

The most recent scams that we have reported on include one titled “Fan dies after fall at Rangers game” and another that goes by the name of “OMG! A Spider under the Skin!” but these are survey scams, today’s scam works slightly differently. First of all we will show you the wall post that you can expect to see, check it out below.

It looks pretty legitimate as it has the logo and it does look good, but would Google really be allowed to advertise their invitations in Facebook’s back yard? The first thing we would like readers to do is to follow a link to the actual Facebook page and report it to the social network by hitting the “Report Page.” Now that we have that out of the way let’s get back to the scam. When you click on the wall post you will be directed to the page we have asked you to report.

If you then click on the post you are after where you think you might get your direct access then Facebook will launch the app installer. This is the rogue application they have been trying to get you to install from the start. The advice on third party applications from Facecrooks.com is that you only install them from well-known trusted sources and be very selective about the ones you install.

This is purely because the developers will gain access to your personal details via Facebook. The next step of the scam to ensure it continues to grow they ask you to like the page and then to send the invitation to 50 of your Facebook friends.

In other words, you are doing their dirty work for them. Not only have you fallen for the scam but you are helping the continued spread of it to many other Facebook users. Ultimately you do end up at the Google+ page but their work is done, they have access to your account. You will need to know how to remove it so follow the guide that we have written previously and it will help you remove unwanted liked pages and rogue applications from Facebook.

Have you seen this scam circulating? Let us know how often in the comments section below.