Facebook Launch New App To Aid Low End Mobiles

If you love Facebook but do not have a smartphone, then fear no longer. The social networking giant just launched an app to support low end mobiles. In this day and age, many of us now have smartphones since they burst on to the scene. But lets not forget that they are a luxury and those who cannot afford or just don’t want, should still be able to enjoy certain features.

Almost all of the high end smartphones out on the market now have their own Facebook app, but those who own older mobiles may be reduced to a slow and tedious version accessed from the web browser. This may now no longer be the case as Facebook is helping to support around 2,500 Java enabled phones with this new app. This app is aimed at those who own “feature or dumb phones”, or for residents of poorer developing countries, Mashable reports. The app is called “Facebook for every phone”.

This app really is good news for Facebook’s members and also shows a nice gesture on their part. Facebook know that not all of their 600 million members will have regular and especially mobile access to their accounts, so by developing this app it should help them out. To get the app now on your mobile you must enter m.facebook.com in the internet browser and download it from there. Data charges will normally apply depending on which network you are on, but this time it is different.

In order to secure the app, Facebook has made deals with 20 carriers in different parts of the world and ensured that the app is free for 90 days. Here in the UK it is Three who will be offering free data, as well as in Indonesia. Aircel, Airtel and Reliance will supply India, O2 Telefonica will provide users in Germany and it is Vodafone who will give Turkey their 90 free days of Facebook on low end mobiles.

So what do you get from this app? Well it provides many of the usual site functions but in a more basic from. You can check the news feed, your notifications, inbox messages, friend requests and calendar. Of course you can also update your status, post comments to friends and even upload photos. The Facebook app does carry other features but the only major thing it is missing is the chat service that so many people love. So Facebook users who do not own a smartphone, how do you feel about this new app dedicated to you?