New MacBook Air Models List 2011: Reveals Four – Plus Mac Pro

We’ve been reporting on all the rumors, speculation and news about the new MacBook Air refresh for some time. Rumored release dates have come and gone but the most common school of thought has July 14 pegged as a possible date for release. We now have further news about the new MacBook Air models for 2011 and listed numbers show 4 versions. We also have news on the new Mac Pro line.

Just in the last week or so we’ve told how the MacBook Air may appear on July 14, a date rumored for the release of Mac OS X Lion, and we’ve also posted an article about what features people most want on the new Airs. We also told of speculation that the upcoming new Air may have a super-fast 400MBps flash storage. Now we have spotted a report telling of the new MacBook Air arrival this week and also the possibility of new Mac Pro’s too, as we recently reported.

Mark Gurman over on 9to5Mac quotes his source, Mr. X, as saying that part numbers for the new ultrathin notebooks have now shown up so a release in the next few days certainly seems imminent, all tying up of course with the previous release rumors of a July 14 launch date. The new MacBook Air models are listed as follows, courtesy of 9to5Mac.

These 4 models have two 11-inch options and also two 13-inch options both with an entry-level model and then an updgraded version. You’ll also be able to configure your own models as previously with Built-to-order. As widely speculated, new processors and an increase in RAM is expected but cosmetic appearance is thought to be little-changed although we previously heard a rumor of a black aluminum finish option.

The new Mac Pro line is also listed suggesting these may also come this week, a little earlier than first thought. These could have redesigned enclosures and also the prospect of a 16-core model. Thunderbolt technology is also predicted, the same as for the MacBook Air. You can see the model numbers for the new Mac Pros next.

As you can see it looks as though the rumored Mac Pro Server edition is now very likely indeed. Gurman points out that as July 14 seems to be the date that Mac OS X Lion will be released via the Mac App Store, it’s certainly possible that the MacBook Air 2011 models along with the new Mac Pros, could release on the same day. Fingers crossed then! Are you waiting for the new MacBook Air or Mac Pro? Let us know your thoughts on this by sending us your comments.