Microsoft CEO: “Small” Windows Phone 7 Has Struggled

We have been speaking recently about the dominance that Android and iOS have in the smartphone market, with this having a serious knock on effect for other operating systems who are trying to establish themselves. Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is one of those suffering from their rivals success and they know it, Steve Ballmer their CEO has even admitted it.

Microsoft’s boss confessed that their mobile OS has been having a tough time, but he was more enthusiastic when talking about things like their Xbox 360, Windows 8 and Bing. According to Electric Pig, when the uncomfortable subject of Windows Phone 7 came around, Ballmer said “We’ve gone from very small to very small…”. He was also very reluctant to talk about sales figures regarding WP7, just saying they had “sold millions”. Is that 1 or 2 million units then?

It is clear that Windows Phone 7 are behind Android, iOS and Blackberry OS in the pecking order and this does not look to be shifting anytime soon. The reason that the top 3 operating systems do so well is not just because of what they can do but because of their reputation. Ask yourself this question, if you were looking for a new smartphone and had the choice of an iPhone, Android phone or Blackberry, would you choose a Windows Phone 7 over the others?

Ballmer still maintains that Windows Phone 7 will eventually shine, despite its ineffective introduction in to the smartphone market. Earlier this year they joined up with another struggling company, Nokia. The Finnish mobile manufacturer reached an agreement with Microsoft which would see Symbian scrapped and all future handsets run on the Windows Phone OS. This lead to an outrage after many Nokia employees lost their jobs.

The Microsoft chief has used the Nokia deal as a big sign of encouragement as they could have chosen to go with Android. Google’s OS is the most used in the world and their then CEO, Eric Schmidt welcomed Nokia. Despite this Stephen Elop chose to go with Steve Ballmer and we expect to see the first batch of Nokia WP7 phones towards the end of this year. Ballmer has said that Nokia “believe”, and that is why they chose Windows Phone 7 over Android.

Another achievement that Ballmer spoke about at Microsoft’s annual Worldwide Partner Conference in LA, was that they had sold 400 million Windows 7 PC licenses, Tech Radar reports. In general as a company, Microsoft are doing very well but they will not want their mobile operating system to be an embarrassment, especially as Nokia’s future also hinges on its success. Will Windows Phone 7 come out of its shell and really give Android and iOS a hard time? Lets see…