Google Doodle Accolade to St. Basil’s Cathedral: 10 Top Facts

Here at OSM we often bring you news about special Google Doodle’s on the Google homepage. These Google Doodles appear every now and then and usually commemorate a person or mark an event of some kind. Today Google is marking another occasion with a Google Doodle accolade for the 450th anniversary of St. Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow, Russia.

Recent examples of other Google Doodle’s that we’ve told you about were one marking the first day of summer, another celebrating Father’s Day and another about the recent lunar eclipse. Today though, we thought we’d look at some top facts about St. Basil’s Cathedral to give you an idea of its history and have rounded up 10 top things to know.

1) St. Basils is a Russian Orthodox church on Red Square in Moscow, close to the Kremlin. It has been known under several names, Trinity Church, Trinity Cathedral, Saint Basil the Blessed, the Cathedral of the Protection of Most Holy Theotkos on the Moat, and more.

2) It became known as St. Basil’s as it was built over the grave of local saint Vasily (Basil).

3) St. Basil himself was so devout that he never wore clothes.

4) Ivan the Terrible ordered the construction of St. Basil’s in celebration of the capture of Kazan and Astrakhan.

5) After six years of work the building was completed in 1561 after work began in 1555.

6) A legend tells how on completion the architect of St. Basil’s was blinded so that he could never recreate the building anywhere else. This architect was though to be Italian but the design has also been attributed to Russian architects, Posnik and Barma.

7) Napoleon Bonaparte is said to have ordered the destruction of St. Basil’s in 1812 but rain put out the burning fuses. The cathedral was severely damaged by shelling in 1917 as part of the Bolshevik takeover of the Kremlin.

8 ) St. Basil’s cathedral is now a museum and part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

9) Military parades, New Year celebrations and also wedding photographs have used St. Basil’s as a backdrop for many years as its onion like domes are so distinctive.

10) Today an exhibition will open at St. Basil’s commemorating its 450th anniversary and dedicated to the so-called “holy fool.”

So there you have it, some top things to know about St. Basil’s Cathedral on its 450th anniversary. What do you think of today’s Google Doodle and its image of St. Basil’s cathedral or Google Doodle’s in general? Let us know by sending us your comments.

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