Google+ aka Google Plus: Nearing 10 Million Users

The world of social media and social networking has had a massive swerve. Remember how Facebook became the dominant force for people to use, well our seamless search engine has now completed a masterpiece in Google+ aka Google Plus and now it’s nearing 10 million users already.

This is a brilliant start from Google for their social network which at the moment we see as one of those things you either love or you hate! What Google would have wanted for their social network from the start is a product that can not only rival all of those around but also something that runs as well as their search engine. What better way than to bring it in along the top of your Google page as a toolbar to access it.

Whilst one of the ways you can access the site is genius in itself, the fact that there seems to have been little or no technical problems with the site so far means that it has been well designed and has undergone thorough testing to get to where they are. Google has certainly gone about things the right way.

We learned through Mashable’s Stan Schroeder that Google+ is one of the fastest-growing networks ever and he also points us to a Google+ blog post by Paul Allen. Within the post he gives us an amazingly in depth analysis of where we are at the moment and how many people have been signing up to the new social service over the last little while.

Paul Allen has said that on July 4th there were around 1.7 million users, and then he tells us that by July 9th there was 4.5 million. His research shows that from yesterday at mid-day to the night time there was a 30% jump which would give the overall total number of users as 9.5 million. This means that within 34 hours 2.2 million people have joined Google+ which is nothing short of amazing.

Not only that but he has said that if Google keeps the invite button there this week and at the weekend, then we could be in for a bit of a shock as he predicts that the numbers could in fact double to 20 million. Check out his blog post to see the mathematical formula that he has used to calculate the overall numbers.

For those of you who are wondering how the numbers are increasing so much and you haven’t even had your invite, check out Peter Chubb’s article that he added earlier today where he explains why you may not have an invite yet. If you are still wondering what the heck all this Google+ is about and you want to know more about the functionality then you need to check out his article. We are still left wondering just how Google+ is going to manage the photo tagging patent that Facebook has for digital images but we are guessing this will be revealed soon.

What do you think of Google+ so far? Will Google+ overtake Facebook in terms of number of users? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.