FB Scam: OMG! A Spider under the skin!

Facebook scams seem to be popping up every day, more and more of them appear and try to trick you into adding your details so the crooks can have them. So far in recent times we have already talked about quite a few of them which you can catch up on from our weekly roundup by clicking here. Today we have a different one and this FB Scam is titled “OMG! A Spider under the skin!” You can see the wall post below.

The wall post also carries a message that says “The most disgusting ever video” with a picture of something sticking out of a person’s arm or torso, it’s kind of difficult to make out. For those of you who would have been interested and clicked on this filth, you will have been directed to another page to try and view the video.

The page is setup to look like an embedded video on a Facebook page and it even throws up a Facebook styled age verification box asking you to click on the button marked “Jaa” twice. The reason the scammers do this is because they need some sort of human interaction and we’ve said it before, you wouldn’t click on it if it said “click here to load survey scams” would you.

If you have clicked on that button then you will have just posted the same scam on your Facebook wall giving it the chance to live on as advised by Facecrooks.com. Not only that but it will have just launched the bit they have been trying to get you too from the start and that’s the actual surveys. You can see an image of it below and we cannot tell you enough just how important it is to not enter your details into these scams.

If on the other hand you have already gone through with the scam then you will need to know what to do next. The first thing is to locate the Facebook post on your wall and then click on the “X” in the upper right hand corner of the post, once you have done that select “Report Post / Spam” from the drop down menu. You can also follow our guide on the next steps that you should take to ensure your profile has been cleared up.

Have you seen this viral Facebook scam going around on your friend’s walls? Let us know in the comments section below.