FB Scam: Fan dies after fall at Rangers game [Video]

It’s raining Facebook scams; only earlier on today we reported one titled “OMG! A Spider under the skin!” with a strange image on it. Already we have another beast that’s doing the rounds that carries the post title “Fan dies after fall at Rangers game [Video].” You can see an image of it below.

The post carries a message that says “It is really sad.” with an image of a guy who tried to catch the ball but fell to his death. The tactic they are using this time with you is the shock factor, the image pretty much shows what you would expect to see from the image and it really isn’t very nice, especially when the guy’s family and friends could also find the scam. If however you have already clicked on the scammer’s post then you will have been directed to the next part of it.

The page is designed to look like a Facebook page with an embedded video in the background and a button that it wants you to click on to confirm your age as being older than 18 years. What they basically need here is your user input to load the final part of the scam, the bit they have been trying to get you to from the very beginning. Not only that but you will have also added the very same post you fell for to your own Facebook profile page.

Remember when something is on a friend’s page and it has been liked, normally you forget about security and just click away… It’s that we need to stop. You will of course have been directed to the final part of the scam as informed by Facecrooks.com which looks a lot like a CNN page but if you look in the address bar, you will see an address which isn’t that of CNN.

The scam will also ask you if you would like to go ahead and install FREEzeFrog and access a website for free as well as installing some extra files to your computer. The steps taken look pretty much the same as all of the other survey scams so it’s better to be safe than sorry and not to install the files, if you want to read the actual story from CNN then you can on this link.

If you have already gone through with the scam and installed the things they wanted you too then you will need to take action to remove it all. The first thing is to remove the scam from your Facebook page, to do this you need to locate it and then his the “X” button from the upper right hand corner and select “Report Post / Spam” from the drop down menu. Next you should take a look at our guide which will help you further.

Have you seen this scam going around? Let us know in the comments section below.