iOS Owners Are Buying 61% More Apps Compared To 2010

We recently saw how Apple’s App Store stormed to amazing 15 billion downloads last week, despite them failing to get an injunction to stop Amazon from trading with the name “Appstore”. Even though Amazon may have been stealing a bit of Apple’s thunder it has not stopped them from a roaring success again this year with huge improvement figures compared to last year.

It is official that iOS device users are buying 61% more apps than they were this time last year, so what is the reason? Well this time last year we were all raving about this cool new amazing thing called the iPad. This time last year the iPhone 4 would have been only about 3 weeks old with Apple and smartphone fans alike forming a disorderly cue to get their hands on one. The introduction of these 2 massive products would have prompted iOS users to buy more apps. We saw earlier how Apple are close to announcing they will upgrade their iTunes movies to full HD 1080p quality, how big will that impact be to downloads?

Mashable has reported that on average, an iOS user will download 83 apps this year, a 61% increase than on 2010. The 15 billion applications that the App Store has so far shifted, earned developers a reported $2.5 billion, with Apple taking a huge share of $1 billion. The best apps in consumers eyes are the free ones and so they get more downloads than what a paid app would. Despite not making any money from the download, the advertising revenue they generate because of an increased amount of downloads can often earn the developers more.

Apple face direct competition from Google over app sales with their Android Market. There are far more Android powered devices out on the market opposed to the amount that run on iOS, so as you can imagine Android will be fast on their way to as many downloads as the App Store. A big difference between the stores is that Android offers Angry Birds for free and Apple charge for it. Despite only costing about $0.59, many people do not like using their credit cards on their smartphone so free or paid for apps can really have an impact on the numbers.

Purchases of paid for apps are expected to rise by 14% this year after last year saw an 18% slump, according to PC Mag. It seems that in 2010 many were looking for the cheap trial like download on their new iOS device like on the iPad for example. This year looks different as consumers are getting more confident and are willing to pay more to get additional features. Have you downloaded and spent more on apps for your iOS device this year? If so, why not tell us the reason by leaving a comment.