HTC Sensation/EVO 3D: Unlocked Bootloaders in August

The bootloaders on smartphones has become quite a talking point in recent times. More and more smartphone manufacturers are considering introducing their devices with the bootloader available to the user. Now we are hearing that the HTC Sensation, the EVO 3D and maybe some others will have their bootloaders unlocked in August!

There are different types of people that buy different smartphones, some see them as a fashion statement and go with whatever the biggest selling smartphone is of that time, others want something functional so look for one with lots of features. You also have people who want a device that will last them so might look at a more rugged phone and then there are those other sorts of people that I like to call… Tinkerers.

Tinkerers are those people that like to get hold of a device whether it is a smartphone, a tablet PC, a laptop or anything that can be played around with and have its settings changed. Already at OSM we have seen a number of devices being overclocked to get the most possible out of processor such as the HTC Inspire running at 1.8GHz and the Motorola Xoom running at 1.5GHz.

We just want to cast your minds back a few short weeks ago when HTC said they were going to introduce a new policy for their devices where the bootloader would be locked. This sent HTC fans into a frenzy forcing HTC to reconsider. They then delighted the fans and said that they would be abolishing the policy and now we’ve heard through Engadget that for a few of their devices a maintenance release is required.

Brad Molen found an update on the issue over on HTC’s Facebook page and then added his report on the matter. He informs us that the global HTC Sensation will receive its update in August followed by the Sensation 4G on T-Mobile and then the EVO 3D for Sprint. Before you start celebrating though, there’s a bit more too it…

First HTC will push the maintenance release to the devices, that’s great but meaningless until HTC rolls out the tool to unlock the devices, which comes in September. The only stumbling block that they have at the moment is carrier approval from Sprint and T-Mobile. Unfortunately from reading through the update on Facebook, it doesn’t mention any of the other models of HTC smartphone but they do say that they “will continue rolling out the capability over time to other devices.”

What do you guys think of this news from HTC, has it pleased you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.