Film & TV Fiction On Twitter: 5 Of The Best

One of the best things about Twitter is that you can interact with your favorite celebrities, by following them and re-tweeting some of their posts. But what about some of your other heroes, like from movies and TV? Sure they don’t exactly have their own official Twitter account but that wont stop fans like you and I from making fun fictional ones. We will now go through 5 of the best fictional Twitter accounts that you may want to follow, courtesy of Mashable’s Amy-Mae Elliott.

We start with Harry Potter’s arch nemesis Lord Voldemort, which is quite appropriate due to the last movie hitting cinemas at the end of this week. The dark lord himself does not follow anyone but has a following of over a million. If Voldemort did really have a Twitter account it would most definitely be like that. One of the tweets from the account is “THEY KISSED is trending. Please let this be about Lindsay Lohan and a Dementor.” If you need any proof that this account is fictional, that tweet gives it to you. The evil wizard can be found under the name of @Lord_Voldemort7.

Seeing as we are on the topic of evil leaders we thought the next one we would show you is Darth Vader. We have already seen the Sith Lord go against Adolf Hitler in an Epic Rap Battle of History video and now he is terrorizing people through Twitter. One of Vader’s best tweets is “So hiding in plain sight seems to be a thing now. Next you will be telling me my sons been living on Tatooine“. Unlike Voldemort, Vader is friendlier in the Twitter community, following 6,661 and being followed by 330,423. The villain can be found as simply @darthvader. Other great Star Wars accounts to follow are Yoda and the Death Star.

Moving on to the animated side of things, we have Batman. The caped crusader has pummeled his way onto the microblogging site, and surprisingly the good guy looks to have gone bad. Like Voldemort, The Dark Knight follows no one but has a following of 206,628. You cant help but think Batman looks quite angry, firstly by his profile picture and name @God_Damn_Batman, and then by one of his tweets: “The best defense is a good offense. Unless your facing me. Then the best defense is a mouth guard and the fetal position“. Who thought crime fighters could be so hostile to the general public? I suppose it is a fictional account at the end of the day.

The next fictional Twitter account we are going to follow is slightly different to the others, it admits it is a phoney! False Peter Griffin has 67,781 followers and lazily like in Family Guy he follows just the 1 person. Who ever has created his account has got his tweets spot on: “Just spent half an hour trying to take my wife’s bra off, I wish I’d never tried it on!” You can follow some of the other Family Guy characters but for this one it is @FalsePeterFG.

And finally we saved the best until last, its the fat yellow guy from Springfield we all love! Homer J. Simpson’s Twitter account is actually an official one, but still tweets funny things instead of just advertising for Fox. One of the best tweets is: “If life gives you lemons, then throw them at Flanders when he’s not looking.” Classic stuff, Homer only followers 13 people but that seems like the whole of the town compared to the other characters. Mr Plow’s account name is @HomerJSimpson.

So that’s all for now folks, you have a roundup of 5 of the Best fictional Twitter accounts out there, will you follow them?

  • Sydney @ Social Dynamics

    Fictional Lord Voldemort is quite a hoot, he so would troll over our social networking to spread legit offhand remarks of our utter mediocrity compared to his superiority.