FB Scam Roundup: This Week’s Problematic Posts

At OSM we keep you up to date with the latest news in the world of technology and social media. Something that has become quite a talking point especially over the last few weeks is the number of Facebook scams that we are seeing on our beloved network. It’s actually got to the point where we are running this weekly post of a FB scam roundup of problematic posts where we literally point out the ones that people may have been clicking.

Last week’s roundup was completed and posted only for us to find two more scams that very same day. The first one is titled “This is what happened to his Ex GirlFriend!” and it had a dirty image that was thankfully blurred out; this dirty post circulated a couple of times during the week with many of our own friends falling victim to it.

Another that we reported on July 4th was a “Southwest Airlines Gift Card Giveaway” where we actually had a commenter say that it’s not a scam and that he did well out of it last year after following a Facebook link. The fact that you have to sign up to and you have to complete several “Sponsor” offers is ridiculous and it could end up costing you a lot of money in the future as all those companies have your details.

A couple of days later on July 6th we found another one that was pretty sickening. It was a Facebook page titled “Wal-Mart Gifts” and in the company over view is mentions “R.I.P Caylee Marie.” This is a combination of things that the scammers do to pull you in, firstly they have the R.I.P message and secondly they are using the name of a popular shopping chain in Wal-mart. Check out the above link for more details.

The next report that was produced came on July 8th; this one’s title was “Check Out These Not So Sober Girls!” This is the sort of scam that you might see on a friend’s wall and think that it’s perhaps a funny video and because they appear to have liked it you automatically trust it’s safe. Unfortunately they didn’t hit the like button on it, which is a side-effect of the scam to aid its viral spread.

On July 9th we found another one which ended up being one of the most viral ones we have ever seen. While most of the world is fixated on the Casey Anthony trial, clever scammers have put together a scam that wants you to watch a video, the scam title is “BREAKING NEWS – Leaked Video of Casey Anthony CONFESSING to Lawyer!” Of course, with this being a massive topic at the moment many people will be searching trying to find any small piece of information they can, this is exactly why the scammers target world news.

That very same day saw another scam becoming viral, it’s titled “INCREDIBLE This girl is rapped in the school buss” apart from poor spelling being an obvious alarm bell, the fact that there’s a dirty image on it should make you think to steer clear. Of course there are some curious people out there that have been clicking away and unfortunately spreading the scam.

If you have been a victim to any of these scams then click on the link to it on the title of each of them above. They will have a guide on what you should do next associated with them to try and stop the spread of them, alternatively follow this link and it will tell you how to solve the majority of the problems. If you missed last week’s roundup then click here and you can check them out. Share this with your friends so we can try to stop the spread of these dirty scams and keep our social network a better safer place.

Have you seen any of these scams going around? Let us know in the comments section below.