Apple May Upgrade iTunes Movies To Full 1080p- HDTV To Follow?

With today’s movies we always seek the best quality, this being High Definition as you know. At the moment, a majority are making do with 720p HD, but this can be taken to another level to give that extra bit of quality. Apple are one of the companies thinking of investing in the highest quality for their movies on iTunes, bolstering them all the way up to the maximum of 1080p.

The movies and TV shows that are in the iTunes film catalog at the moment, have a resolution of 480p which is standard definition and 720p which is high but not full definition. Tech Radar reports that Apple are looking to upgrade the quality of their movies this Autumn, which will please many movie fans. Apple has been previously been criticized for not offering full HD, a feat which other providers do. Because so many people hold Apple’s devices naturally it is very disappointing they are not getting the highest possible viewing quality.

T3 reports that a number of a number of feature films will launch on iTunes later this year, coming in Full HD form with a 1920 x 1080p resolution. It remains to be seen whether only new titles will be available in 1080p; Apple should do what everyone wants and that is to bump up the quality of existing films and shows. To give you an idea of how good the quality of the movies on your device with be with full HD, it would be the same standard as that of a Blu-ray disc.

It seems very likely that Apple will implement these changes and as a result it has been reported that they will also launch their own HDTV as well. The Apple TV which would feature full 1080p HD is being tipped for a launch of around September time. It is likely the TV will be able to interact with your smartphone or tablet so that your HD movies on the iPhone can be played back on the TV. This is a similar feature to what the HTC Evo 3D has. We just saw a few of Apple’s new patents that feature data sharing via motion, could the same be done with movie files between devices?

It has also been reported that Apple will be attempting to upgrade their Apple TV set top box with a new processor. The model that is presently available can receive full HD but unfortunately will only give you 720p because the A4 chip inside is not powerful enough to produce a full 1080p image. Just to add fuel to the fire it has also been rumored that iOS 5 will bring a new video player which would allow the playback and syncing of full HD video to the iPad 2. What are your thoughts on Apple’s upgrade in video quality? Let them be known in the comments section.