Video Chatting On Android Tablets Stabilized By SRI International

Video chatting on tablets can be great due to the large screen and front flashy facing camera, but one of the biggest and most common problems with this is that the video can be shaky when you are holding it. Many people like to communicate on the go so this could mean walking and talking, I can guarantee that you will not be able to walk perfectly straight and hold the device dead still. Google is working to fix this problem.

The search engine giant has selected SRI International to embed its video stabilization software into Android operating systems in an effort to prevent this problem. The Google Talk app on the Honeycomb 3.0 OS will be the model which receives the specialist software. If successful no more will the live chat stream from a shaky front facing camera be a problem when initiating a video conversation.

SRI International are a specialist stabilizing firm based in Menlow Park. According to Mashable they are a non profit organization formerly associated with Stanford University and were responsible for the invention of the first ever computer mouse back in 1964. The outfit shifted their attention to stabilization software as of the early 1990’s. Technology has now come up to speed so that the software can perform its impressive features in real time.

SRI’s technology works by actually slightly editing the content before it is streamed to the other person. The software will identify the user’s face and then quickly steady it before it is compressed and then transmitted. When the video is stabilized it is easier to compress, which actually increases the quality of the video. The picture will be sharper and there will be less video noise because of the reduced movement.

Another added benefit which may or may not be planned is an increase in battery life. According to Giga OM, as another result of the reduction in movement, the amount of effort needed from the device to encode the video will also reduce the amount of power needed. This seems like an indirect quality but it is still one that will benefit the user, especially if they are on the go.

To start with this software will only be available to version 3.0 of Google’s Android software on the Google Talk app. If the technology succeeds in stabilizing conversations then I think it will be expanded further to apps like Skype and also to smartphones, possibly with FaceTime for iOS. Apps like SteadyCamPro are good but they do not work with video calling as they are not live. Will the stabilization software go down well?