Twitter Used To Catch Culprit(s) After Oxegen Festival Attack

Its that time of year again, when revellers can enjoy one of the many summer music festivals. It could be Glastonbury, V-Festival, T in the Park, Radio One’s Big Weekend and so on. Another is that of the Oxegen held in Ireland, well to be exact the Punchestown Racecourse near Naas, County Kildare. Music fans were able to enjoy big named bands between the 7th and 10th July.

The line-up included the Foo Fighters, The Black Eyed Peas, Artic Monkeys and so on. No doubt many of the festival’s fans are users of networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, but this weekend the latter was used for a different purpose. Instead of the site being primarily used for normal everyday purposes such as the following of a celebrity, or for individuals to tweet to their hearts content, it was used as DailyMail reported by “Gardai,” that’s the Irish police force.

During the Oxegen festival, five individuals, one of which was admitted to hospital were on the receiving end of a knife incident that happened early hours in the morning.

In order to find out what happened and to find those responsible, the police turned to near enough 4,700 Twitter users’, apart from the online site being used to issue traffic news, this is the only time that it has been accessed. One tweet from the Irish police said, “Anyone who may have witnessed or may have information to an incident overnight at Oxegen are asked to contact the gardai.”

As well as getting to the bottom of the knife attack, police were keen to make festival goers aware of fake tickets and wristbands that were doing the rounds.

In the past we have spoken about how the use of social media is on the increase and is being used for all different purposes. Of course the main is a way of keeping in touch with loved ones and friends, the joining of events, finding out the latest news, uploading and sharing of photos and even businesses are taking on the frenzy of networking sites, in order to promote their branded products.

Different groups have taken on the challenge of social media as a way of advertising and marketing, examples of this have included charities, banks, the police as mentioned already, sporting organisations and so on.

Let us know if you were present at the Oxegen festival? What are your thoughts on using Twitter in this way?