Latest Apple Patent: New iPhone & iPad File Sharing Possible?

Don’t you just hate it when you have a file on your iPhone and want to put it on your iPad? Maybe its the other way round, but either way it would be so great if you could easily drop the file from one device to another. Well this thought may become a reality as Apple has filed a patent that shows the devices “metaphorically” pouring files on to one another. Can this patent be made a reality?

Apple recently launched a host of new services that store and offer data, namely the iCloud and its sub features. With the iCloud you can send your data up to the sky and access it from all of your devices but the inconvenience of having to take the time to upload the files can be tedious. If you had the ability to just drop the data from iPhone to iPad and vice versa, then it would speed up and simplify the task.

The idea that Apple has got is very intriguing and also looks very fun to use as the file could be literally poured or sucked from device to device. It would involve a motion sensor which initiates the sending of the file when the device is tilted or put into a “pouring” position. According to Mashable the file would be sent via a Bluetooth link or RFID, and also feature a sound effect of something like water to make the pouring effect seem more life like.

You can see the patent above and the general idea behind it, do you think it could be created and implemented into Apple’s technology successfully? Are they finished there, oh no? Remember in class at school when notes where passed all around the class? Apple are working on a way to quickly flick a note or memo from device to device, Apple Insider has reported. The concept is a fast data transfer, which would probably be focused on small files. Take a look at the idea below.

As good as these ideas sound, do they realistically stand a chance of being correctly created and on a scale where everyone would use them? The pouring feature is for lightning fast transfer between smartphone and tablet, without having to use any cables or clouds. It is the same principle with the flicking feature, quick data sending; the key which makes the ideas cool is the motion involvement. Is the extra convenience and motion feature worth all of the effort in making these patents? Would they be implemented into iOS or as extra paid for features? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section.