J.K. Rowling’s Final Harry Potter: Facebook Fan Explosion

For Harry Potter fans, the wait is nearly over, there is now less than a week to go until the last film showing, in total Hogwart’s fans would have watched some seven movies. The second part of “The Deathly Hallows” will be viewed by a massive audience on July 15th, so advice is to get in quick in order to reserve your cinema tickets.

On July 7th, the final Harry Potter premiered in London, with characters walking down the red carpet for the last time, no doubt an emotional experience for all concerned actors and actresses. In the last few weeks, we have given you news about viral video site YouTube live streaming the premiere, news of a new site Pottermore.com, how a YouTube trailer of The Deathly Hallows caused a massive amount of interest and so on.

Today our attention is turned to the masses of fans that have turned to social networking sites Facebook and Twitter. According to independent.co.uk, Facebook alone has attracted some 10,000 new fans per day which can be put down to a handful of revealing wall posts.

To be honest, we’ll not in the least bit surprised. Extra information has been gained from the Facebook wall posts including, brief interviews and quotes from the stars, photos and video build-up. Interestingly, just yesterday on the 8th July at 9.00 GMT, a 32-second video trailer had managed to rack up a massive 40,000 “likes” and a big 3,000 figure of comments. We checked out the Facebook page for ourselves and presently on writing this, some 28,339,102 “likes” could be seen.

So far, the official Harry Potter Facebook page in the last week, has attracted some 561,000 fans, 97,000 of this were fans just between July 7th and July 8th.

Before we go to safeguard our tickets, an update on the Harry Potter frenzy on Twitter. According to independent.co.uk, fans have been mulling over their favorite movies out of the seven. One tweet as reported stated, “Dear J.K. Rowling. We are with you, whatever happens. UntilTheVeryEnd Love, Potterheads, call me an obsessive fan, I dont care, I will pass on my love for Harry Potter to my future children and grandchildren.”

Silly question we know, but will you be watching the final Deathly Hallows? Have you got a favourite, are you feeling a little emotional with its end in sight?