iPod Touch Could Be Updated To Offer Data Connectivity- MP3G?

Ever since the launch of the iPhone, the iPod has been left in the shadows as Apple’s signature handheld product. When the iPad came along it was bumped further down the pecking order, with the others boasting a variety of features their MP3 counterpart did not. The iPod Touch and iPhone are similar in many ways, except the Touch does not have the major abilities to call, text and connect to the internet without Wi-Fi. Things could be about to change.

The iPod Touch could soon be getting data connectivity when the next generation launches, which has been reported as later on this year. According to Tech Radar, it will work in the same manner as the iPad, in that you get a data only service via a 3G enabled SIM card which is inserted into the device. A very good point has been made, which is with internet on the go you can now access even more ways to communicate without having an iPhone.

You can initiate video calls from your iPod via Skype or even talk to your friends via Facebook chat or other instant messaging services like Yahoo and MSN. You can also make VoIP voice and video calls, as well as send emails depending on your preference. So as we have just explained, 3G coming to the iPod Touch would be a big deal as it would act as a decent substitute for an iPhone if they are a bit too pricey for you.

Reports from Gizmo Crunch are telling us that the iPod Touch 3G could be coming in September which is when Apple’s latest software, iOS 5 launches, as well as it being the time when everyone is also expecting to see the iPhone 5 or 4S. In my opinion if this is true, the iPod touch will come loaded with iOS 5 but will sadly once again be outshone by the 5th generation iPhone.

As you may know the iPod Touch can use Safari but currently only via Wi-Fi so you are reduced to either home use or having to use hotspots from network operators. The MP3 king being launched with 3G sounds a very interesting product, so long as Apple make sure it is affordable in comparison to the iPhone. The iPod Touch 3G could be like the iPhone, minus making phone calls and sending text messages.

The iPod Touch has also proved itself as an impressive games platform so if it had 3G enabled it could act as a rival to Sony’s upcoming PlayStation Vita. Apple reportedly toyed with the idea of introducing 3D to the iPod Touch, but so far nothing has reached out and materialised. If you love all things Apple then follow the link for information on a new patent which shows the idea of quickly transferring data from an iPhone to iPad via motion control. Let us know your thoughts on the possibility of an iPod Touch with 3G in the comments.

  • Tom Bucceri

    Who would provide the data plan for a 3G iPod touch?

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_OAIQVDSOLHIZ767T2QNK6MN4XE Tom

    Who would provide the data plan? AT&T??? I doubt it.

    If the iPod Touch comes out with 3G service, I’ll drop my iPhone service with AT&T and use TextFree with Voice for my cell phone needs.