Casey Anthony Verdict Sends Facebook Over The Edge

The Casey Anthony court case has stirred up a massive frenzy of attention, with TV/Radio channels covering the news as it happened, as well as individuals leaving their own reactions on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. Anthony who had been accused of murdering her two-year old daughter “Caylee” was given a “not guilty” verdict this week.

After already spending three years in prison, Anthony will according to, be freed on Sunday 17th July. Although we haven’t covered the case in-depth, we have at times given you snippets of information, the latest being an infographic showing the mixed reaction to the Anthony verdict, a new Facebook scam which is trying to lure people in by saying that a video has been seen showing Anthony confessing her guilt to her lawyer, this is untrue and so on.

But today we wanted to look at the interest its racked up on Facebook, with many people leaving their own comments plus some pretty full on threats, of which we cannot report.

Two-year old Caylee went missing of which caused a massive finger pointing in the direction of her mother. Prosecutors of the case, accused Casey of murder saying that she would then be free to go out to party with her boyfriend. To get a clearer picture of how the case became so popular on Facebook, we can tell you that a page named “100000 People Who Think the Casey Anthony Verdict Was Wrong,” was set up, 300,000 people endorsed this very page.

In turn this sparked another Facebook page to be set up titled, “I hate Casey Anthony,” some 32,000 people “liked” this very page with some 118,000 giving their support to “1000000 People Who Wanna…Slap Casey Anthony,” strong stuff.

As reported on the flip side to this, some 617 people endorsed a page titled, “Support Casey Anthony.”

There is suggestion that Casey Anthony could make millions from the case, with book, TV/movie deals and so on. People have already said that for example, if Casey gets offered a TV interview, this in turn will be boycotted.

What are your thoughts on the Casey Anthony verdict? Have you used Facebook or even Twitter to air your views? Should we be using networking sites such as these to leave comments which at times could be seen as offensive?

  • Catherine Post Illustration

    It seems to me that some people do not give credence to scientific evidence. I believe they also think (and wrongly so) that they need a motive, a cause of death, a time of death, an exact place of death, fingerprints, in order to convict someone of Capital Murder. This is NOT TRUE. There was so much evidence that Ms. Anthony murdered her child deliberately; not least of which was 3 strips of duct tape on the child’s nose & mouth area, well after the child’s body was reduced to a skeleton. How anyone can think that Miss Anthony is not guilty is beyond me. I think either this jury was too lazy to truly consider the scientific evidence, or they wanted to go home (pronto!), or they need a videotape of the murder – or perhaps they are just, colloquially speaking, rather stupid.

  • renalamb

    Only an idiot would think this woman was innocent.